Key Points to Choose a Commercial Business Insurance Raleigh NC For Business Vehicles

By: Zara Evans

As a business owner in North Carolina, where several potential risks may affect your business growth, you need to realize the importance of making sure that your business is well protected from all risks that can affect the return on investment. The same can be applicable to your commercial vehicle as well, since the vehicle you own may put the business in threat of legal procedures during the course of an accident if it is caused by that vehicle or its drivers.

As a responsible business owner in Raleigh, North Carolina, you need to have a commercial business insurance Raleigh NC company to help you protect from all potential legal procedures or unwanted expenses in case of an accident. Hence, it is important to buy a commercial business auto insurance policy that may safeguard you from possible risks.

Depending on the kind of driving your drivers do, you can choose from the available commercial insurance types. The insurance agents will ask you several questions in terms of the vehicles you use for your business or the way you use the commercial vehicle. Follow the key points to consider when choosing a commercial business insurance Raleigh NC agency:

Choose Between Business and Personal Insurance Policy: You need to choose between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance policy carefully. You need to take commercial auto coverage in case your vehicle is titled in the name of the business; regardless you use the vehicle for commercial or personal purpose. Otherwise, the title holder of the vehicle may be prosecuted by the North Carolina legal procedures during the course of an accident where title holder’s vehicle is responsible. This may even bring the entire business into legal proceeding. Therefore, vehicles that are titled in the name of the business, or the autos used for the completion of a business process must have a commercial auto insurance plan. At the same time, you can purchase personal auto insurance if the vehicle is not titled under the name of your business.

Find Out the Liability Limits: Depending on the type of accidents as well as the insurance coverage types, the commercial business insurance Raleigh NC may offer different liability limits. For example: liability, collision, comprehensive, and medical expenses. You need to understand the liability limits as well as your insurance terms in order to avoid future inconvenience. Make sure the insurance agency you choose is offering you the sufficient auto liability coverage. High liability limit may protect you from all potential expenses in an accident and can prevent the legal prosecution from turning into a economical disaster.

Classification of Vehicles: You should consider the point of proper classification of your commercial vehicle, since improper classification of the business vehicle is surely to result in voiding insurance coverage, therefore, rendering your insurance policy useless. This will put your business in significant risk of losing business assets unnecessarily during the course of an auto accident. A commercial truck used by the plumber has a different classification than the same kind of truck used for removing waste.

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