Kevin Trudeau's Weight Loss Cure - Miracle Cure or Scam?

By: Brett Buscay

Kevin Trudeau's latest book - The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About You About - boldly goes where no diet has gone before claiming:

"You are about to discover one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time relating to the condition called obesity. The root cause of obesity and weight gain has been discovered, studied, and cured....

"... Tens of thousands of people suffering from obesity around the world have been cured of this debilitating condition by using this natural weight loss cure protocol."

Dr. Simeons, a British medical doctor, discovered the weight loss cure protocol in 1959 and published his results in a private manuscript called "Pounds and Inches" a few years later.

But does this miracle weight loss cure really work? And if so, why don't more people know about it? Is it really true that this cure has been kept secret?

Listen. Most diets do not work because they do not address the actual cause of obesity. It's like treating the symptoms of a cold versus addressing the virus. So the weight you lose on a normal diet is not the weight you really want to lose.

Most diet and exercise programs cause you to lose water, structural fat and muscle instead of these secure fat deposits.

There are three root causes that must be properly addressed:

* You suffer a low metabolism. This means your body simply does not burn the food you eat as fuel as efficiently as someone operating with a higher metabolism. Naturally thin people burn calories and food quickly. Overweight individuals do not. To cure obesity, the challenge of operating with a low metabolism must be solved and the original British weight loss cure does exactly that.

* Extreme hunger. An obese individual is often more hungry than a normal individual. This is a real need for more food communicated by your body because of the increased size of your body. Larger bodies need more fuel to operate and survive. So being hungry is not just in your head. This is a real issue that is must be addressed by any real weight loss cure.

* You often eat when not hungry. Compulsive eating, emotional eating and unnatural food cravings all fall into this category. This is a physical response that must also be addressed and Dr. Simeon's weight loss cure protocol also addresses this issue.

The weight loss cure (discovered by Dr. Simeon in 1959) protocol, all of these core issues are addressed. You can expect to lose at least one pound per day without feeling hungry or deprived. Problem area like your hips, stomach and buttocks will disappear before your eyes.

Your body will be transformed as if you had radical liposuction surgery.

You will enjoy increased energy and will begin losing weight from day one. You will lose inches from all the problem areas and you will experience a dramatic flattening of the stomach (especially men).

Of course, Kevin Trudeau did not discover the weight loss cure. Dr. Simeon's did that. But Kevin does promise the weight loss cure protocol will reset your metabolism to that of a normal skinny person and he offers dozens of testimonials to prove it. He also promises you will not have to deal with willpower, deprivation or ever walk around feeling hungry again.

But wait! Can this really be true? Not according to many people - doctors and professionals included. In fact, there is a LOT of controversy surrounding this so-called weight loss cure. So, perhaps, the best advice is get more information about this weight loss cure before committing yourself to it.

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