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Everyone wants to have the shiny, glossy hair that all the celebrities are showing off, but we all know they have their looked after by the professionals. Many of us can’t afford to go to the hairdressers every time we need to wash and have our hair styled so we cannot contend with the celebrities, instead what we can do is look after our hair. When our hair feels and looks good we feel good, hair is an important part of our appearance.

If you use hair straightners on a regular basis even daily then you’re more than likely damaging your hair. Damaging your hair will definitely not help you get the shine you desire for your hair. Having split ends and super straight hair won’t help you get shiny hair. Shiny hair comes from love and care by you and with a little bit of help you will get the results you want.

Every person has a different texture to their hair and therefore there’s different ways in which to make your hair more healthy and shiny. There are three main different types of hair:

Fine Hair: look for a shampoo that has added wheat protein and polymers these help coat the shafts of your hair which will help it look thicker. There are spray volumizers on the market which can help make your hair look shiner and these are light so they don’t weigh your hair down.

Normal Hair: if your hair needs repairing use a shampoo that has silk amino acids in these will help repair your hair structure. To add more shine to your hair use specific creams and gels which you can rub into your palm and pat onto your hair.

Thick Hair: use a shampoo that contains pomades these will moisturise your hair as well make your hair shiny.

Other tips to make your hair shinier are as follows:

• Deep condition your hair on a weekly basis
• Try to avoid using styling products as they make your hair look dull
• Use heat-activated shampoo
• When you dry your hair, give it a blast of cool air when you’ve dried it this will seal the cuticles which help make your hair shiner
• Mix one teaspoon of honey with four cups of warm water, pour onto your hair when washed, do not wash off, dry as usual
• Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet as you can break and stretch it
• Wash your hair in cold water, if you’re not brave enough rinse it with cold water just before you get out
• Don’t use shampoo or conditioner which has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate in
• If you have oily hair don’t rub conditioner into your scalp, and make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly
• Have the ends of your hair cut every month
• Only use your hairdryer and hair straightners when you really need to as they cause heat damage and dry your hair out
• Use mayonnaise and work it well into your hair like you would with conditioner and put a shower cap on your head to contain it, it will make your hair more manageable and less dry

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