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Demarcating News and Gossip in the Media
Today it is possible to get all the latest happenings of the world immediately through the aid of the internet. We can get total coverage of news stories on every possible topic including sports news, celebrity gossips, fashion, politics, business, lifestyle, music, movies, etc. It is even possible to get the latest news updates on the move. All types of news stories that are most important to stories that do not have any significance invade the online media. When so much of information passes through us everyday through the internet and the worldwide web, it is very difficult for us to differentiate between news and gossip. Most of the news stories pertaining to celebrities are gossip. There are even news sites that are totally dedicated for publishing gossips about celebrities. Today it is very easy to communicate with the entire world through the online media. So anyone can easily air their opinion about topic of their choice and publish stories that they think are noteworthy. Some of the news stories that reach us are good whereas the others are to be discarded as mere gossip unless you are a gossip monger.
If we donít have clear definitions for news and gossip and if we fail to draw a clear demarcation between the two, then we can easily be misled. News is some new information about an event, someone or something which is based on facts. Whereas, gossip does not have its roots on facts, it is basically worthless talk based on rumors and it is people who while away their time in an unproductive way that engage in gossiping. Gossip does not help anyone in any way and often it is destructive. Unfortunately, today we can see both news that is based on facts and gossip which as no factual base gaining equal importance in online media.
Celebrities are often the main targets for media gossip and some of the celebrities do enjoy these gossips because it brings them free publicity. If you make an online search on any celebrity most of the results that you will get would be gossips about them. A lot of news sharing sites will feature on the search engine results page; one of the reasons why so much of importance is given to these stories that have no factual base is that people love such stories for some strange reason. News sites in order to attract traffic they feed the visitors with what they want.
There are some highly credible sites like which provide their users only with newsworthy stories. We can get all the latest news in this site which makes it a worthwhile site that has to be added to our list of favorites or bookmarks. This news site has a special section for Croatia and it also publishes world news under a number of popular categories. Join the Javno club and start sharing your comments and views about the latest and hottest stories; to join the Javno club visit

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