Keeping A Migraine Headache Journal: What You Should Note for Your Doctor

By: EileenDavies

When you suffer from migraine headaches, it can be a long process to find a treatment that works. Usually, many people don't provide enough information about their symptoms to help doctors adequately diagnose which type of migraine headaches that they are suffering from. In most cases the sufferers only describe the most irritating or disturbing side effects, leaving out the ones that aren't usually remembered after the migraine has passed. This is why you will need to keep a detailed migraine journal, which will be a record that can help both you and your doctor figure out how to relieve your migraine headaches.

Your migraine journal should contain information about what activities that you do on a daily basis and the times that you do them. You should note times when you exercise, sleep, and work. You should also make note of the times that you eat, as well as what you are eating. Most importantly, you should be describing all of the migraines that you experience.

For each migraine headache that you experience, there are specific things that you should be writing down as you experience them so that they are fresh on your mind. You should describe your pain in a sliding scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst pain. You should make note of how long the migraine lasts, and whether the intensity stays constant during this time.

In addition to your main headache information, you also need to include other symptoms that you experience. Make sure that you are noting other symptoms as you experience them, like nausea, vomiting, and troubles with vision or hearing. Some people fail to tell the doctors that their migraines include aura symptoms like flashing lights or a complete loss of vision.

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