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By: Adrian Rocker

Only attending school is extremely boring for children and this is why parents across Malta look for those extra-curricular activities to keep their children engaged. Most children either join ballet sessions (in the case of girls) or football (in the case of boys). Can there be anything more predictable? Guess not... Why not do something different, something like tennis lessons in Malta? Tennis Malta lessons are highly interactive, they build tennis skills in children and keep them engaged. Who knows? Your child may be the next Federer, Nadal or Djokovic.

It is not difficult to build social skills and improve the fitness of children in Malta. There are various options that children can take up at a very young age. With tennis in Malta, children have this excellent opportunity to stay physically fit and develop their social interaction skills. It is unfortunate that tennis is much lower in the priority list for Maltese citizens. Even as a free-time sport or a school curricula, tennis doesn't really feature in the top list of activities for Maltese children.

It is difficult to fathom why tennis in Malta occupies a grey spot in the agenda of the Maltese people. It is possible that parents think that tennis lessons Malta for children under the age of 10 is beyond their means. Or perhaps they think that it is only meant for children who show that bright spark and want to win a Grand Slam even before they have attained the age of five. Parents possibly think that it is not a team sport and hence, their children will not be able to develop those social skills that their parents desire. But these are all myths rather than facts and we can safely dismiss them.

You and other Maltese parents will be delighted to know that there is now this tennis program for children under the age of 10 and it has been embraced by children and their parents amid much fanfare. The program is based on Tennis10, an ITF tennis program that aims to introduce tennis to children who are below the age of 10.

Tennis lessons in Malta are conducted by Ivana Kubickova, a tennis player with 20 years of experience and an acclaimed tennis coach. Ivana has participated in tennis tournaments in both Czech Republic, her home country and the international circuit. Ivana is a 5-times South Moravian Region winner, a doubles winner in ETA (I.CLTK), a semifinalist in the National Czech Republic Championship and ITF Pro Circuit-Croatia. She has been coached by A. Kartus and S. Dosedel, two of the best tennis coaches in the world.

Ivana conducts her tennis lessons Malta in three stages (depending upon the age of the learners). Her aim is to introduce the sport to the children and equip them to participate in larger events. She also conducts tennis in Malta lessons for adults throughout the year.

With Ivana, tennis lessons Malta are enjoyed by one and all. Tennis in Malta has got a major boost thanks to her and as a parent, you should consider this sport seriously.

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Tennis Malta has been a lower profile sport than some of the other sports like football. But with professional tennis lessons Malta now available, children have this great opportunity to learn the sport and excel at it.

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