Keep a Close Eye on Your PC with REFOG Keylogger Software

By: Paul White

Are you concerned about the safety of your children during their time spent on the Internet? If you are not, then you certainly should make yourself aware of the many dangers out there in the virtual world and take necessary steps to guard your youngsters against them. The virtual world can even be just as dangerous as the real world and children are often lured away from home by people posing as others their own age on the Internet. Whether it's online chat rooms or pornographic content or anything else unsuitable, you need to be aware of what your children are up to during their time spend on the Web. For this, you should use powerful monitoring software such as REFOG Keylogger, the ultimate solution in computer surveillance.

Keylogger software provides you with a monitoring solution that is almost as effective as physically being there and watching over the shoulder of the person using your computer. This is made possible by the fact that keylogger software, hence its name, records every single keystroke on the computer's keyboard allowing you to see everything that was typed out when you were away from the screen. This means that you will be able to see everything from Web addresses to search queries entered to chat messages and emails sent and much more. In addition to providing text-based logs detailing all of this information in chronological order, REFOG Keylogger may also be configured to automatically take screenshots at specified intervals allowing you to browse through a complete visual history of the computer's usage while you were away.

REFOG Keylogger is the ultimate tool in computer surveillance not only because of its ability to record practically every activity taking place on the computer, but also because of the fact that it runs hidden. Once installed and up and running, no one other than you, the owner of the computer, even needs to know that it's running. It will not cause a noticeable performance impact on your computer and will instead run silently in the background using minimal system resources and running completely hidden from the Task Manager. Even in the highly unlikely event that someone does find out that it is running, the controls cannot be changed and the program cannot be shut down or uninstalled without entering the master password. The logs recorded by the program are also saved in a secure and hidden location on your computer which only you will have access to.

Keylogger software might be a great way to monitor your children online and to ensure their safety, but that is certainly not the only things that a program such as REFOG Keylogger is good for. You can monitor anyone else using your computer as well. In the workplace, for example, keylogger software presents a reliable way to enforce company IT policy and detect confidential information leak. In the home, you can also use it to monitor a spouse whom you suspect of cheating. The possibilities truly are endless with REFOG Keylogger. Learn more at .

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