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Penda is a citizen in Burthorpe, who is warning people of the trolls, which is a good idea since trolls are aggressive. Penda is aswell a bar angel and hangs out added at the Toad and Chicken than his own house. When talked to, he may about say, "Ich bin ein Badger", even in English servers. After the Troll Invasion update, Penda is now right around Dunstan's house. He is no longer at the pub, which is now in Taverley.

The Corpse Spider is a monster found in the Lumbridge Catacombs Dungeon, accessible after The Blood Pact quest. They were created by Dragith Nurn, a now undead necromancer, during his abounding abominable abstracts with corpses. Because they acclimated to be humans, they accept a animal face on their back. Oddly enough, it's the only spider to drop bones, likely due to their human components. They do not count as spiders for Slayer tasks.

Undead cows can be found west of Port Phasmatys in Morytania, near the Farming allotment and close to the wilderness wall nearby Varrock. As their name suggests, they are undead, so a Analgesic amulet or a analgesic amulet (e) is effective. They are sometimes dead for their basic for the Ectofuntus, a lot of frequently during Ghosts Ahoy and Animal Magnetism.

Kayle is a nervous, yet willing, member of a small group of three Zamorakian cultists encountered during The Blood Pact quest. Kayle has fabricated a claret alliance with his two companions, Reese and Caitlin, to go through with the ritual, although he was afraid into the alliance by Reese's threats to casting a anathema aloft him.

Kayle is the first cultist you must fight, and uses ranged to attack the player and Xenia, who is hit for 1 damage and her health bar is emptied, though she claims she is more gravely wounded than she is in order to test the player. The amateur can again ask Kayle questions, and again he can be absolved or dead by the player, who again will access kayle's chargebow. Kayle never attacks you unless you try to access the next chamber.

Kayle never moves out of his square. If a amateur is abreast afterlife and out of food, they can artlessly angle into his aboveboard and blow instead of active aback to Xenia. If you run back, he would hit twice, possibly killing the player. The player can even use the Lumbridge Home Teleport to escape without being interrupted.

Anja is found upstairs in the house north of the Hetty's house in Rimmington, along with Hengel. A amateur can ask her for chargeless stuff, but afterwards a actual continued dialogue, she will alone accord the amateur 1-3 coins. She can aswell be pickpocketed for 3 coins, or 20 if the amateur has completed Lost Her Marbles.

Hengel is found opposite the Witch's house in Rimmington. A amateur can ask him for chargeless stuff, but Hengel will say "No I blithe wouldn't now get out of my house!" and you will acknowledgment "Meanie!". You can't ask him for admonition either, as if you acquaint him that you're abnormality about his abode you don't get the advantage to say you're lost. This makes Hengel a little less useful than his wife Anja. In his room is a bronze scimitar respawn.

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