Just how Do You Can Make Money By Using PLR (Private Label Rights) Content

By: Janet Andersen

You probably already know that the easy method to acquire articles for your web site or to submit to article directories is with PLR (private label rights) articles. Now tell me, just how much PLR content do you have gathering up "virtual" dust on your hard drive exactly like I do?|Do you have some private label rights articles gathering virtual dust on your computer right now? If you are similar to many people trying to earn cash on the internet you had to say yes. Well allow me to tell you how you can get that PLR content work for you.|Just how many private label rights articles are you storing on your computer at this time? Surely lots, if you are similar to a good number of people online who are trying to make some money. Read this whole article and I will tell you just how to begin using that PLR content to make you some money.}

If you are like me you didn’t know utilize it, so you are just storing it for later.

Well it is time to do something with all that great content.

I just joined a membership site, and among other things they have a whole course called "Private Label Rights Bonecrusher". Not very descriptive I know, but what a course.

It includes videos and pdf, with a step by step system on how you can make money will the articles that are just waiting for you on your computer.

Just the bonus report is on how to re-write a PLR article in under 7 minutes. Now, how cool is that? I was taking 30-45 minutes to rewrite one until I found out all of the tricks.

The very first thing you should do is change the title. Now the title is key, without a good title no-one is going to stop and read your new article. And if no-one reads it you will not reap any benefits of re-writing it. Which of course means no money.

Your opening paragraph is the next thing they will read. You need to tell the reader what you are going to talk about and most important why they should keep reading. You are still reading my article so something must be working.

There are several article re-writers out there, but a lot of them will supply you with some rehashed gobbley gook. Replacing some words with other synonyms which may or may not mean the same thing.

"See Jack run", turns into "Watch Jack walk fast". Now this is close, probably close enough to use, BUT now watch this, "I will show you how to find out" can turn into "I may display you how to seek out", which isn’t really quite right.

The mini-course bonus on this web site even goes through the steps on how to write the three or four content paragraphs which are the meat of your article, and a summary. You need to be able to do all of these quite well in order to succeed.

To make this simple for you to try and do, you must first have some good quality PLR content. The rest will just begin to work out for you.

Article Directory: http://www.articletrunk.com

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