Just How Effective Is The Miracle Mineral Suplement?

By: Lee Jacobs

Strangely enough, when our overall wellbeing starts to deteriorate, we more often than not tend to overlook what could be considered one of the leading causes, and that is, what we eat and what we fails to eat. From a biological point of view, much of the food we eat passes through without being adequately digested. Of course, this can be due to a number of reasons such as: overeating, insufficient chewing, an inadequate amount of the vitamins and minerals, consuming too much of certain foods, inherited medical condition, or even an emotional imbalance.
One of the leading causes of ill health is poor digestion. When food is not broken down sufficiently it results in a substantial growth of harmful bacteria in the small intestine, and this in turn results in putrefaction in the large colon. One should bear in mind that the body's immune system is to a large extent driven from the small intestine with the appendix being part of the equation. In medical terms this is referred to as, "GALT" (Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue). Of course, before serious illness sets in, there will be an ongoing battle between the harmful bacteria and the immune system and while this is taking place, severe inflammation will occur.
Of course, this process begins relatively early in your line and if you're unfortunate enough to have a susceptible predisposition, these problems will manifest themselves in the form of digestive disorders and intestinal problems such as appendicitis. These conditions can lead to gut permeability even at a young age and can therefore be responsible for various villages and other issues concerning the immune system. If no action is taken then long term gut permeability will almost certainly resulted in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.
As we age, over stimulated bowels as a youth often lead to constipation later on in life. Unfortunately, this is often accompanied with diverticulitis and hard crust-like deposits developing on the bowel lining due to the lack of bowel tone.
Essentially, when you neglect your bowel continuously for many years, harmful byproducts are then able to enter the bloodstream through the weakened barrier. When this happens, the liver, the heart, and the brain will be the first to suffer and it will happen in that particular order. The most common symptoms experienced are: irregular heartbeat, lack of concentration, frequent and chronic headaches. In fact, one should not be surprised if one encounters total liver failure.
The bowel can be likened to a city that has poor sewerage - if the waste is allowed to spill over into the streets and places of residence then it is inevitable that many will fall ill with disease. If one's bowel in congested and not working properly, waste materials begin to build up, and illness is quick to ensue.
What to do, you may say? Well, a diet that is primarily raw will help to correct the problem over time by supplying bowel stimulating fiber that will tone the bowel walls. Ground linseed is an excellent choice, and a tablespoon or more added to every meal helps enormously over time. Remember, the aim of having at least one bowel movement per day, preferably more is required to keep the transit time brief, thus expelling toxic residue before it becomes too problematic.
As an adjunct to cleaning the body by addressing what we put into our mouths, there is a supplement called MMS which when activated is a very powerful anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti parasitic compound, and is a powerful tool to use in addition to the suggestions made above.
In order to avoid these diseases which are becoming increasingly common, you need to pay attention to your eating habits, you need to chew your food, and of course you need to relax.

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This article is written by Lee Jacobs who is an Acupuncturist, and has been in the field of health for 13 years. He is interested in illuminating individuals and helping others return to a better quality of wellbeing. Please feel free to read more about the www.mmshealthy4life.com/jim-humbles-story.html">miracle mineral supplement, and feel free to visit www.mmshealthy4life.com

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