Juice Fasting Vs The Master Cleanse

By: Kate West

There is simply no logical comparison between juice fasting and the Master Cleanser. Although often promoted by celebrities and the media, The Master Cleanser consists of solely drinking a concoction of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper in pure water for every day of the fast. Lemon, unbeknownst to many, is very nutritious and one of the most alkaline foods you can take take into your body. It is high in vitamin C and potassium, and also contains limonene-- a compound shown to have significant anti-cancer properties. However, when it comes to vibrant health, the Master Cleanser just doesn't stack up against the miracle of juice fasting!Here is why.
While maple syrup is a great sweetener in comparison to most sugars, it is still a High Glycemic food. And, foods that are High Glycemic cause a spike in insulin levels which lead to inflammation. Many people are already aware that inflammation is at the root of many, if not most, debilitating conditions, such as Alzheimers, heart disease, cancer, and arthritis, not to mention that it's the number one culprit behind visible signs of aging. Reduce the amount of inflammation in your body and you'll not only look and feel younger but you'll reduce your risk of developing chronic disease in your body, all in one pop!
How do you do this? By consuming less sugar and foods that get converted to sugar in the body, like simple starches, white flours and anything processed or packaged. Unfortunately, despite any beneficial nutritional properties it may contain, maple syrup is still a sugar and should thus be treated as one.
Furthermore, anytime sugar IS consumed in any form it is a good idea to combine that sugar with something green and leafy or a good fat like flax seed oil or coconut butter. Doing this slows the absorption of the sugar and allows it to be absorbed over time, rather than all at once, preventing those harmful insulin spikes. But there are no greens or good fats in the Master Cleanse drink! And that's why when you compare it with a program that, when done properly, floods your body with virtually all the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and compounds that it body cries for on a daily basis, juice fasting will win hands down every time.
Consider for a moment what you can (and should!) put in a freshly juiced juice. Carrots contain a shocking amount of vitamins, including vitamins A, C, K and even some B vitamins, plus loads of potassium and fiber. Broccoli is nothing short of a nutritional powerhouse. Just 50 calories of broccoli can provide you with all your daily needs of vitamins A, C and K as well as numerous B vitamins, calcium and even the omega 3 fatty acids so necessary for brain health. Spinach is equally impressive with a 50-calorie serving yielding an amazing amount of vitamin K. (Vitamin K is especially difficult to get in the average diet so incorporating spinach into your juice fast will do wonders for your health.)
Now these are just three of the amazing veggies that can go into your juice fast program! Combined with the notion that by removing the fiber by juicing these vegetables you are unlocking the vital nutrition of the plant and sending it straight into your bloodstream, a juice faster can literally get more nutrition in one week (and in some cases one day day!) than most Americans will get in a year! It's like throwing a party for your cells and watching them begin to dance with joy!
Another key point to remember is that juice fasting isn't a crash diet like the Master Cleanser. While it is definitely true that you will consume fewer calories on a juice fast and thus lose weight quickly, juice fasting is actually the polar opposite of a crash diet. It allows your body to receive an abundance of nutrition in a bioavailable manner and commences a powerful healing that can eliminate even the most strongly ingrained health issues. As opposed to the Master Cleanser, a juice fast is designed to flood your body with enzyme packed nutrition and provide the optimum conditions for weight loss to occur as a natural bi-product, and not deprive it as is often the case with the Master Cleanser. And, considering that in most of the western world even our healthiest foods can sometimes be depleted of nutrition, we need every drop we can get!

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Kate West is a Detox and Cleanse Coach located in NYC. More information about Kate and her Juice Fasting program can be found at BreakthroughFasting.com. And to learn how to break free from food issues, visit AuthenticHunger.com.

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