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During the early part of the previous decade, people were finding it difficult to get space for outdoor advertising. The roadside advertising spots were overcrowded due to the fact that many companies became suddenly eager to advertise their service and products to people driving. The billboard and other traditional advertising space along busy roads and highways were booked and little or no space was available.

A viable solution to this lack of space in outdoor advertising was found in auto wraps. Manufacturers started to advertise their products or services on the body of the automobiles to draw the attention of people driving along the roads as they could no longer get advertising space on billboards. The auto wrap soon gained popularity through the 1990s when traditional billboard advertising remained unavailable. But the scenario changed when billboard advertising space became increasingly available in the late 1990s. The auto wrap advertising companies were badly hit and many of them abandoned their auto wrap businesses.

The car wrap companies began to hurriedly rework their marketing strategies and concentrated on niche advertisements for specialty campaigns and that is where they continue to operate. For certain advertising campaigns, the auto wrap still has an appeal and some companies still favor this form of advertising as the auto wrap offers a cost effective way of getting their brand name out there.

Hypothetically speaking, if a company were to resort to auto wrap advertising on its own, they will have to purchase an entire fleet of cars for an advertising campaign would be unthinkably expensive. Instead of purchasing their own cars, companies hire space on individual private citizen's cars. In return for letting the company wrap your car with their advertisement, they will compensate you with a monthly remuneration. The payment will vary for a full car wrap and lesser amounts for a partial car wrap or a mere window wrap.

Yet another option that some of these companies offer in place of a car wrap of your own car, is to provide you with a free car with advertisements already on it. You understandably will not be paid any monthly compensation in such a deal. Your only expenses are gas and insurance meaning that you enjoy car transportation at a fraction of the cost of owning your own car. Further, during specialized sales promotion campaigns, some manufacturers will pay you to drive the free cars along certain predetermined routes each day. But unfortunately such offers are becomingly increasingly scarce these days.

There are also other business opportunities for drivers to generate additional revenue. For example, a driver may be asked to drive his wrapped vehicle to a trade show and participate in promotion campaigns and distribute brochures and product samples. Location, age, sex and car type are few of the parameters based on which drivers are selected. It is pertinent to note that several thousand people are volunteering to have their personal cars wrapped. If you are an extrovert and enjoy driving and love interacting with others, then you may drive an advertisement on wheels and reap all the benefits. Recently, a high school student drove the wrapped car to school and made hundreds of dollars a month.

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