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By: Gurleen kour

India is a country, providing a large number of job opportunities to people inside as well as outside the country. The country offers a large variety of job opportunities in terms of fields and areas in which a student wants to pursuer his career in. The increase in number of the educational institutions in the country corresponds to the demand of the skilled labour in the various industries of the country. There are various regions in the country, which are famous for the creativity and the intelligence of the people residing in the state. The people in the southern region of the country are said to be filled with intelligence and possesses a great willingness to put in hard work for the production of better results.

Among all these, kerela is a state, which is popular all over the world, due to its beauty of beaches and the traditional products and cultures present in the state. The city is responsible for producing the highest number of candidates, the demand of which tops the chart of the Indians hired across the globe. Kerela people are hired all over the world due to the knowledge and the education standards in the city. The people of kerela are well educated and the schools, colleges and institutions in the city, match the global standards. The educational facilities and the importance given to education in the city are the reasons, why the people of kerela are on high demand in the middle- east and the American countries.

Kerela itself provides a large number of job opportunities to its citizens. The land is famous for its beaches and agricultural productivity. Most of the people of kerela earn their living from the agricultural land, on which they produce rice, tea, coconut, coffee, cardamom, cashew, nutmeg, etc. The land also provides a large number of hospitality jobs to the people of kerela, due to the popularity of kerela as a tourist destination. Kerela has been famous among the tourists all over the world, due to the majestic view its beaches has, and the beauty possessed by them. The people of kerela have very efficiently preserved the essence of the tradition of kerela, the job, which is mostly done by the people employed in the hospitality and tourism jobs in Kerela.

Handlooms and handicrafts sector in Kerela, also employs a large number of people from the city. The jobs in the handloom and the handicraft industry of kerela, plays a very important role in maintaining the ethnicity and the cultural value of the state. The jobs in the seafood and the forest products industry is also a major employment source for he people of kerela. Fishing, being there passion and need has easily helped the people of kerela to earn a living out of it.

Kerela is counted among few of the most developed cities in India. This is also because of the development of IT sector in the city. With the global expansions and developments, many companies have set their offices in Kerela, to instil their organisation with the most intelligent and demanding workforce of the country. Contributing in the economic development of the country, banking and administration jobs in kerela, also form another important sector for the people of the city to get themselves enrolled in the job market. There are many other job opportunities in the city, which enables the people to live a life above the poverty line. Also, an important factor responsible for the high growth rate of kerela is the educational standards provided by the institutes and colleges of kerela, maintaining the record of hundred percent literacy rate of the city.

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