Job Positions You Can Apply for in the Mining Industry

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Believe it or not, only half of the people working in the mine industry are actually involved in the mining and extraction of mineral resources. The other half are involved in other jobs such as exploring the site, operating heavy machineries, and ensuring the health and safety of the workers. If you are planning to enter the mining industry, but don't think you're not qualified because you don't have any experience digging gold and other natural resources, don't lose hope yet because there are other job positions you can apply for.

Mine Geologist/Explorer

Mine geologists or explorers are the ones who locate for mine deposits. In order for a mining industry to be sustainable, there should be an excellent source of natural resources to work on, and the only way to find a good location is with the help of a mine geologist. Being a mine geologist is not just simply about looking at rocks, though. To be a good geologist, one must be able to keep up with the times and the technology. The success of a mining company usually depend on how good the explorer is, which is the reason why mine geologist can demand a salary ranging from $75K to $100K.

Mine Engineer

The job of a mine engineer is just as crucial as that of a mine geologist. Together with technicians and environmental engineers, mine engineers are also referred to as mine designers because they are the ones that draw up plans and design new mining equipment. They also make sure the mining procedures are safe and the equipment used are as friendly to the environment as possible.

Mine Safety Engineers

Also known as safety workers, safety engineers are the ones that make sure mine safety regulations as required by federal and state law are followed. Before the mine can operate, the safety engineer has to make sure all the standards are met. They even have the power to shut down the mine if they find something that might put the health or the life of the workers at risk.

Electricians and Mechanics

Two other positions that are just as important are that of the electricians and the mechanics. While the electrician's job is to make sure the mine is powered all the time, it is the job of the mechanic to make sure all equipment and heavy machineries are working properly and efficiently.

Company Physician

Just like other industries, the mining industry is also in need of a company doctor. A company doctor usually has a clinic near the mining site and takes care of simple cases. The doctor may also run random testing from time to time to make sure the workers are all in qualified to work in the mines. There are also tests that are run to make sure workers are free from alcohol and prohibited drugs. The main role of the doctor, however, is injury management.

There are other job positions in the mining industry that does not involve directly extracting minerals resources. Some of these jobs are considered by many as menial, but they are just as essential as the others. For more mining news and for more information on mining job positions, visit the MiningIQ website.

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