Jiko Kaikestu 示談

By: Da-Xia

In case of 交通事故 the 示談 is agreed upon by the insured involved in the accident and the insurance company. The insurance company in turn pays the insured the agreed amount. In a situation where a 示談 agreement cannot be mutually agreed upon, there the help of mediators and attorneys is taken.
Important Information Every Vehicle Owner Must Know
There are a large number of people who drive around without adequate auto insurance. In case of an accident it is not the driver who comes up with the 示談 money, but the insurance company who is providing the cover. So it is the insurance company that is sued for the 示談 money in an accident.
All insurance policies come with a policy limit. It depends on the insurance company and the law of the region. Some regions by law permit policy limits of just $25,000. So even if you have incurred losses amounting to more than $25,000 which you can prove, you will still not be able to recover more than the stipulated amount. You will have to fight a legal battle with the driver of the offending vehicle to get back the balance amount.
Everyday a number of accidents take place, resulting in damages both to property and people. Many of the accident victims are not properly reimbursed as the cases remain unsettled due to a number of reasons. There are quite a few things that determine a fitting 示談 sum. Let us discuss these determining factors in detail.
Damaged Property
When a car is involved in an accident the damage is calculated as the actual damage that happens to the car. The damage includes external damage to the chassis, wheels, bumper, etc and internal damage to the engine, fuel pipe etc. The car must be rendered unserviceable and required to be replaced with a new one. In such a case the current value of the car is reimbursed in full.
Body Injury
This involves the kind of injuries that a person sustained during an accident. The extent of injuries are examined and judged by looking at the bills from the hospital and the doctor.
Pain and Suffering
This encompasses a lot of things which are a direct result of the accident, and can include physical pain caused by injuries, physical disability, and mental trauma, loss of time, loss of wages and loss of job. Reimbursement is calculated keeping all these factors in mind.

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Seeking Legal Assistance Sometimes it becomes necessary to take legal help in 交通事故 cases. If it comes to that then you must approach a personal injury attorney to help you fight your case, as they are proficient in dealing with insurance companies. Any other expense due to the accident is also counted while calculating this 示談 order.

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