Jewelry Is An Expression Of Love, Affection, And Commitment

By: Gen Wright

Giving different items of jewelry to one another is one of the most common ways that you can express your love, affection and commitment to someone special in today's world. Numerous items of jewelry are sold all over the world as gifts that people buy for a special someone in their life for many different reasons. Symbols are used in many different ways to convey messages of love and friendship. Jewelry from friendship bracelets to wedding rings to lockets have all been traditionally given to others as gifts over the years.

The most obvious symbol of love and commitment that is shown in jewelry is, of course, the engagement and wedding ring set. The simple band of the wedding ring is a classic symbol of love, the unbroken line of the circle shows unity and endless devotion while the engagement ring traditionally holds a diamond, the strength and showing the everlasting stable love of someone for another. As well as the engagement ring and wedding ring, many people now have an eternity ring as well, which is given later on during the marriage as a further promise to a loved partner which cements the marriage and bond between two people.

Cameo broaches have often been passed down between women in a family as a sign of love and family. This traditional image is often found on jewelry as family heirlooms which represent love, respect and union within a family over many years of generations. The Claddagh is another traditional symbol of love, created in the 17th century, as the hands together holding the crowned heart show unity and friendship.

As well as these symbols and designs of love, there are certain colors and gemstones that are used in jewelry making which signify love, friendship and success. Emerald is a classic stone for use in jewellery, which symbolizes love, success and unity. Many people receive Emerald earrings, necklaces and rings as an expression of love from someone special to them.

For young people who are in relationships but too young to get married and make a legal commitment, they still wish to show their love and affection for their partner and this is where the promise ring has arisen from. Many teenagers and young couples will buy promise rings for their significant other as a sign of their love, seriousness and commitment. This is not only for romantic relationships, many friends will buy each other promise rings or lockets as a representation of their relationship and bond with each other. Designs of promise rings are generally simple and strong, thought there is no set, classic design that limits what you can wear, promise rings can be personal and individual to the people who wear them, holding their own private meanings and symbols.

People are given jewelry for many sentimental reasons and love between family, lovers and friends can be shown with many different items that show symbols, signs and colors of love, affection and commitment to people, groups and ideas.

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