Jewelry: What Does It Symbolize In A Femaleís Life

By: sarinalissa

Your sisterís birthday is coming up? Itís Mothers day? Forgot your anniversary, want a quick way to save your marriage? Running out of gift sides for the females in your life? Well, being a girl myself one thing I can say for sure is that if people say the quickest way to a menís heart is through his stomach, then the quickest to a femaleís is JEWELRY! It doesnít matter how flashy, gaudy, big, small or shiny it is; given with the right intention and with your heart at the proper place, you would definitely have a girl ooh-ing and aah-ing all over you! Made in different forms such as earring, pendants, bracelets, rings and so on, you can definitely make a teenager girl feel grown up and your mother blushing like a twenty year old in no time. Appreciated by females of all sizes and age, use jewelry to make them agree to anything! Get them all softened up towards you, and have your merry way with them.

Taken as a loving gesture form the husband/ Fiance/ boyfriend, jewelry has been part of romantic relationships for a long time. For example, giving of a ring is considered to symbolize commitment towards one another and shows that you are now bound to each other. Therefore you spend so much time choosing the perfect ring, with the perfect diamond setting to give to your loved one. In most cases, rings are also engraved to carry a special message that you want delivered to the other person. If we ponder over it, then we would see that whenever a married couple gets into a fight, taking off of the wedding band is considered to be a pointed insult towards each other. In South East Asian countries such as Pakistan or India, there are even jewelry involved customs such as on weddings, a mother in law gifts her daughter a specific amount of jewelry welcoming her into the family and marking it as her point of maturing, of becoming a woman.

The parents of the girl also involve a hefty amount of jewelry in her dowry, trying to give her a comfortable standard of living to begin on. On the same occasion, as in the wedding, the girl is decked out in beautiful jewelry sets adorning and enhancing her beauty. Even after the ceremony, in places like Rojas than, rural Punjab, Waziristan and etc,jewelry symbolizes the married status of the girl and single girls are forbidden from any such adornments. Now while in these regions such culture is followed, it is a slightly different scenario in the West. In comparison, where the women of the East are used to wearing heavy jewelry designs, in West more subtle, light and chic designs are observed and worn. However, it is also because jewelry is worn according to the latest fashion trends being followed and we are all aware that the dressing in all these regions is very diverse.

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