Italian Food

By: Sarah Carlye

The world knows Italy because of its appetizing food. This food does a great job of balancing nutrients and fresh ingredients. Thanks to the creative talents of Italian chefs, every meal is simply cooked but rich with various flavors that most people find to be quite delicious.


In Italy breakfast (colazione) is a light meal of either cappuccino or espresso with a sweet pastry (brioche). Lunch (pranzo) and Dinner are similar in style. They start with a starter (antipasto), which usually consists of pasta, soup, or rice. The next course (secondo piatto) consists of either meat or fish with salad (contorna) and fresh fruit. Espresso then tops off the meal.


Italy is known for its pizza, which is a spin on traditional bread. The first pizza originated in Naples and called “Neapolitana pizza.” It was made of bread dough, topped with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. There is also “pizza Margherita,” which was named after Queen Margherita. This is because she was offered a pizza that had tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and oregano on it in order to symbolize the Italian flag. The Queen loved this pizza.


Of course, Italy is also known for more than its pizza. It is also known for its pasta. There are a lot of different types of pasta to choose from, including fettuccini, lasagna, macaroni, spaghetti and tortellini. There are also an endless number of sauces and toppings to choose from, including Bolognese, carbonara, marinara, and pesto.


There is a lot of wine grown in Italy as well. This is because Italy has soil, climate and traditions that are beneficial to wine making. These things make Italy a natural place for the production of large quantities of great tasting wine. A lot of Italy’s population is employed within the winemaking industry. What wines are made vary depending upon the region and vineyard that they are created in. You will find everything from dessert wine to sparkling wine being made there.


Another popular drink in Italy is Italian coffee. Most American cafes use terms to describe their coffee that have been coined by Italians. So, even though Italy didn’t create coffee, the coffee industry, as we know it today, does have its origins there. Italians are quite picky with their coffee. Oftentimes they will opt to visit their favorite café or bar in order to have some Italian coffee with their meal.

There are a lot of great restaurants (ristoranti) throughout Italy. These include fancy, formal and of course family-ran ones. The less formal ristoranti (known as trattoria or osteria) are where you will find the local specialties. If you want a quick meal, then you may wish to check out either a sandwich bar (panienerias) or a pizzeria. In the United States if you are fortunate enough to live in the Davies, Florida or Miami, Florida area, you can go to family owned, Mama Jennie’s Italian Restaurant for all types of Italian food.

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