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The stealthy and dangerous Rogue who hides in shadow, drenches his blades in poison yet still works for the good guys. A Rogue was the first DPS class I had ever rolled and after leveling a tank and a healer I could see why DPS were so popular. No worrying about keeping agro or quick find opponent, stab, repeat until dead.

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So what will World of Warcraft: Legion have in store for the three specs of this deadly class? Like the Hunters, the line between the specs has been blurred. The developers decided to make some bold moves (their own words) and more clearly define what makes Subtlety, Assassination and Combat. So each spec is having their fantasy and game play amplified to better differentiate them.

With Assassination, this becomes the only spec to use poisons and bleeds, meaning this Rogue is more about the damage over time than the quick bursts. Venomous Wounds now triggers from a combination of poisons and bleeds and Seal Fate can be triggered from either hand doing Mutilate. Your Mastery, Potent Poisons increases your damage by up to 70% and you can get a passive talent called Elaborate Planning that increases damage done by your finishing moves by 20% for 4 seconds.

If they are losing poisons and bleeds, what is the main focus of Subtlety you might ask? Why stealth of course. The new version of Shadow Dance allows you to weave in and out of stealth rotationally. Shadowstrike increase mobility when attacking from stealth and you gain the ability Nightblade which applies Shadow damage over time. Your Mastery, Executioner, increases the damage from your finishing move by up to 55% and a new talent you can choose is Relentless Strike, a passive talent that gives you +40 energy when you go into Stealth.

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