Islamic Art Calligraphy

By: Penny Latif

Since the command and authority are one, all things are bound together under God's Lordship as parts of an all encompassing divine scheme, which includes all aspects of being and life. whatever is both inside and outside of time and space, and embracing both the macrocosm in its most awesome manifestations and the microcosm in its most minute forms. God creates and sustains His creation how and as He wills, and all affairs return to Him for ultimate decision and judgment.
Art is the mirror of a culture and its world view. There is no case to which this statement more directly applies than to the art of the Islamic world. Not only does its art reflect its cultural values, but even more importantly, the way in which its adherents, the Muslims, view the spiritual realm, the universe, life, and the relationship of the parts to the whole.
For the Muslim, reality begins with and centers around God ("Allah" in Arabic), the One, the Unique, the Sovereign, the Holy, the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the Loving, the Most Merciful. All existence is subject to His will and His laws. He is the center of conscious Muslims' worship and aspirations, the focus of their lives.
I always had a strong interest in Art at school and was keen to embrace I career that would let me use my creativity. When I left secondary school I studied Fashion Styling at London College of Fashion I then went on to study a degree there in Fashion Management. During this time I also became a Muslim. This really seemed to change my values and interests in life and although I continue to love shopping, fashion was no longer a career I felt fitted my beliefs.
It wasnít until having my first child and spending time away from my full time (non creative) job that I again felt that urge to re discover my creative side. I had already begun purchasing Islamic art work for my home and I then had a go at producing my own. I really enjoyed spending time painting in the evenings while my daughter was asleep. It gave me a project to focus on rather than just watching TV and doing the washing up!
Last year I decided to set up my own website called Islamic Art Gifts where I display and sell my artwork. I would describe the style of my art as modern and contemporary Islamic art. I currently produce painting on canvas using paint and have recently attended an Arabic calligraphy class to enhance my skills. I feel that Iím still on a journey of establishing my style as an artist. Iím currently experimenting with the idea of mixing traditional calligraphy with classic English designs as I feel being an English Muslim this would really showcase my identity.
Islamic Art Gifts offers affordable and original islamic art. Pieces are produced using a variety of materials including arcylic paint, textured paint and calligraphy ink. The latest trends in interior design are blended with Islamic art. Bespoke pieces are avaliable to order such as Arabic name frames. Islamic Art gifts mission is to contribute to spreading dahwah and provide muslims with beautiful art to remind and motivate then in their deen and iman.

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