Is technology killing outdoor cooking?

By: Stephen Kember

For those that love to cook outdoors its easy but for those that don't its a hassle! Its strange, this principal applies to so many areas of our lives, but especially to cooking. So is this reality what is driving the move towards ever bigger, ever more technical, ever more sophisticated outdoor cooking equipment?
Yes, its true that outdoor cooking takes slightly more time than cooking indoors, but don't you think theres something magical about it? Speaking for myself I think that its well worth the extra effort as nothing tastes better than food cooked outdoors!
As an e-commerce retailer running the Outdoor Cooking Equipment Store I provide the equipment people need to enjoy outdoor cooking. But the point of my writing is this. I am getting more and more concerned about the wealth of gadgetry that comes with the latest outdoor cooking equipment available today. For me it's bringing into question whether its even worth cooking outdoors in the first place! I have to ask, what on earth is it that we are trying to create in our gardens?
The days of simple outdoor cooking are threatened by those who would have us believe that the next technology horizon is the patio! Even as a retailer of outdoor cooking equipment I have to ask, what is the point of cooking outdoors if technology has taken over? Where has the flair gone; where is the initiative; where has the creativity gone?
I have decided to make a stand and my website reflects this. If you really want to make the most of your outdoor cooking experience then we're here to help but I'd advise not coming if what you're looking for is the latest technology that will transform your outdoor cooking experience into something akin to indoor cooking.
Top end grills, by way of example, with their amazing technology and glorious bells & whistles take away from the simple joy of cooking outdoors. Worse, they take away the human input and allow for little individuality, expertise or magic to shine through! This is so sad because for me they spoil the joy and the very reason why we cook outdoors. And if you have to ask the question, why is this? You won't understand the answer! It is possible these days to cook almost anything outdoors that you can cook inside. Outdoor recipes span the culinary spectrum and because you're cooking outside nearly always the food is going to taste better than if you cooked it indoors. Don't make the mistake that all this has to be supported by advanced technologies and massive pieces of kit.
Avoid becoming dazzled by the latest gizmo's. Don't feel you have to spend a kings ransom to get the kit to be able to cook outside; it isn't necessary. Get real, choose from traditional kit; use it frequently, develop your own flare and become known for your individuality and style.

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