Is it okay not be a social person?

By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

There is nothing wrong with being a relatively private person who prefers to focus a little more on career and personal time, but there does come a point when a lack of socializing can become a problem for an individual. Someone who locks themselves in their home all the time, who only leave the house when necessary and who lacks a social life all together can develop problems as time goes on. Humans are social beings by nature and avoiding socializing all together usually has an adverse effect on a person. In fact, avoiding the activity can have many negative effects on a person and will only make things more difficult for them over time.

How can not socializing negatively affect someone? There are a few different affects. A lack of a social life over a long period of time can slowly make a person more uncomfortable around people. Being out and around other people after being isolated for so long can become something that is way out of the individualís comfort zone and it can be an activity that is overwhelming for them. Going out to social functions can become something that is less fun and more stressful than anything, and making acquaintances and friends can become more difficult as well. Other problems can develop, such as anxiety. It is possible that if a person keeps themselves isolated for long enough; they can actually start suffering anxiety or panic attacks when they are around a large number of people. The anxiety is caused by the stress the individual feels when suddenly surrounded by a relatively large group of people. They are in an environment that is so uncomfortable and so out of their control that they subconsciously, or even consciously, feel as though they are in danger. Fear, a natural emotion related to the natural instinct to survive, is magnified to the point of causing the individual to become dizzy, sweat, nervous and even nauseous. Living alone without any real social contact only really leads to adverse effects on a personís mental state. Someone who has avoided contact with people might have done so because they are not very confident in their selves, believe that other people are just not going to want to be their friends, and/or they feel they ďjust donít fit inĒ. Unfortunately, in the effort to remain in their comfort zone at home and out of the social life all together, only makes the situation worse for the person. Over time, it only becomes more difficult to want to leave the house and succeed in achieving their goals in life. It stunts an individualís growth in personality and can often send a person into a deep depression.

When a person is used to their comfort zone, leaving it and going out into the world can be difficult. A little help is necessary and there is certainly help available for someone who wants it. Online therapy can be a great option for people if they are not used to being around people. The online therapist can help the person build confidence and start being part of the outside world. The social world can be a little scary at first, but with working with the online counselor through online counseling and being open about why it is difficult to be involved in socializing, a person can improve their lifestyle and ward of depression. Becoming more social and more active can allow a person to grow, learn more about themselves and go about achieving the goals in life they had set for themselves.

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