Is it Feasible to Install Supercharger Pulley to Boost the Power of Your Car?

By: Kamal Swami

Going through sometimes even you think for selling your existing vehicle and buy some newly launched vehicle that is enriched with additional powers. Going through this concern of car enthusiast’s practice of car tuning often referred as ECU remapping or engine control unit remapping has gained huge popularity in recent years. The car tuning not only results in improved power generation efficiencies, but also results in enhanced fuel efficiency. Interesting, going through this practice today, lots of old car owners are getting their car returned to enjoy the same benefits of their car as they had been enjoying earlier.

But, do you know the fact that cars manufactured across the world are not enriched with the same features and depending upon the rules and regulations prevailing in different countries the cars vary in their features. This might surprise you, but it is the truth about which not all car enthusiasts are aware about. Therefore, as an impact on this sometimes the car owners are not able to enjoy the endorsed powers of the cars that are offered in its native country or in other parts of the world. It is undoubtedly a disappointing situation for them, especially for the owners of cars who drive the car that is empowered with supercharger engine.

As these car lovers love to drive a car with jet dynamic speed if they come to know that the supercharger, which they are driving is not delivering the endorsed performance, the pain which they will undergo can only be experienced and cannot explain in words. Interestingly, today going through the trend of car tuning even they are also now able to enjoy the full power of their super car and that also without breaking the laws of their country.

But do you know that apart from car tuning there is one more way by which they can enhance the power of their car. Interestingly, with the help of revised pulley they can easily get the car delivering the expected performance without undergoing any lengthy process. The upgraded supercharger pulley can be easily bolted by replacing the existing pulley and without removing the supercharger. The new pulley can be either bolted with the help of a screw driver or can be fitted with heat shrinking.

As a general practice, there two types of pulley’s namely larger engine crank and smaller upper. Although functionally both of them perform equally and their main objective is to move the supercharged quite faster than its original speed, enhancing he air/fuel mixture and generating additional power for your car in simple and effective way.

Now the question may arise in your mind that will the installation of supercharge pulley affect or put any pressure on my car’s engine? Because when a person gets his car he is returned to undergo the process through an on-board diagnostic board of his car and although the process is quite simple but still it requires some time to accomplish it. But, by just replacing the existing pulley with new pulley will really be effective on car, might raise questions in mind of various car owners. If you also have the same question then it would be interested to know that installing the new supercharger pulley just involves the replacement of current pulley and installing the new pulley will only make the new pulley perform the same functions, just quite faster than it.

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It would be interested to learn that today there are plethora of supercharger pulley’s being developed by pulley manufacturers that can be installed on luxurious and powerful vehicles like Mini Cooper, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz etc.

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