Is a Discipleship Gap Year Right for Me?

By: Chriss Tyrrell

There are multitudes of reasons why a young person today would want to take a break in their education after completing high school. Quite often, it's simply a case of being burnt out after spending so many years dedicated to academia and one may simply just want some time off for a while. Or in other cases, a young adult may feel that they are deserving of some change of pace, after all the years of dedication and hard work they have put in.

Then there are others and you may be one of them, who have a yearning to get out and have a taste of life. Not necessarily quit school or stop learning. Rather; these young people want some change and some new challenges as well as some time to balance things out, such that they can make a more informed and rational decision when it comes time to choose the direction that are going to take in college.

For many people and they come in all ages by the way, from 18 on up to 60, a discipleship gap year is just the answer they are looking for. It has everything that need and want without the risk or expense of taking off in some unmapped direction, hoping that things turn out for the best. It allows a young person who has found themselves in a post high school transitional period, the break they need while still remaining true to their Christian values.

Now there are churches all over the UK as well as North America that are offering discipleship gap year programs that are organized and conducted by qualified professionals. Not interested in leaving your home town? That's not a problem because you may be surprised to learn that that the church you attend right now is doing this. Have you asked?

It's a whole year of learning and adventure that will leave you a better person and a more able bodied servant of Jesus. Always remember that you should make the best use of all the days in your life that god has given you and this is an excellent way to get the respite that you're looking for, while not wasting a minute of your precious time.

One place where you can begin exploring the concept of a discipleship gap year is right online. This is because there are organizations that can work with your church to help its elders get involved and also work with you to find a church that offers this type of program. Some of these organizations even have seminars and one day get-togethers where you can come and talk to people just like yourself who have recently completed their year or have yet to finish.

Remember that your life, in the end is comprised of a compilation of all your collective experiences. If you're going to take a year off after high school, you definitely will want the experiences that you acquire in that year off to be of some value. To be lessons that you can carry with you for the rest of your life and use to help you to be a more productive servant of the lord. Now is not the time to dally around but rather the time to make the best decisions, all things considered.

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Chris Tyrrell writes for DNA who provide youth work gap year events for Christian disciples.

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