Is Your Sex Life Being Ruined By Bad Breath?

By: Peter Dawson

Are you noticing that your friends don't seem quite as friendly lately as they once did? Perhaps your partner seems a little distant. Maybe you're having trouble even finding a partner, it just seems that no one wants to get close to you these days.
Is it possible you have bad breath?
Bad breath can be a real curse. It's something that you may not even know you have, and even your best friend is reluctant to tell you about. Having bad breath can affect all your relationships very seriously, and often the person who suffers from bad breath doesn't even know they've got it.
Halitosis is the technical term. It means that your breath smells, and anyone close to you smells it. Usually it smells bad, it's unlikely that it smells good, and so anyone who gets too close to you will withdraw to a safer distance just to avoid the smell.
And forget kissing.
In fact one of the most likely problems that impacts on your ability to create and maintain good personal relationships could be bad breath.
So what causes bad breath? Can you do anything about it?
There can be a relatively wide range of causes, and the cause may vary quite a bit from one person to another. For example it is well known that eating certain foods like garlic can result in an offensive odor, both on the breath and often more generally through the body. There are various foods that can cause bad breath.
There are also causes that are more specific and can, if left unchecked, be more permanent and difficult to control. For example there are dental conditions like periodontal disease which can have a marked effect on the freshness of the breath. Poor brushing of teeth can lead to excess plaque which in turn can lead to gingivitis, also a culprit in bad breath.
Bad breath can be caused by liver or lung diseases and other medical conditions, some of which you can have without knowing it.
And it can even be caused by nose and throat infections too.
Then there's the obvious causes, like smoking.
And even those are only the start of the causes of bad breath.
So if you have it and don't know how do you find out? Ask someone to tell you, but can you trust it if they tell you no, or are they embarrassed to tell you?
Or you could just breathe into your hand and take a sniff.
But there's good news. There are some simple steps that you can take to eliminate bad breath. Firstly you should rule out a medical or dental condition, but if you've done that there are simple bad breath home remedies that are inexpensive and work well. You can cure bad breath.
And if you banish it you'll immediately notice an improvement in your friendships, and romantic attachments. It's probably the simplest thing you can do to improve your sex life.
So if your social life isn't living up to expectation then consider the chances that you have bad breath. It's usually simple to fix and will do wonders for your social life.

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