Is Your Bad Breath Serious?

By: Darren Wumoult..

A number of reasons can cause bad breath. There are common ones like poor oral hygiene, various kinds of alcohol based mouthwashes, and some medicines which can cause bad breath. However, do you know that there are actually some diseases which can aggravate or cause bad breath?

Some internal disorders can lead to bad breath, such as diabetes, liver diseases, chronic sinus infection, gum diseases and problems in the alimentary canal. These disorders can cause bacteria to accumulate in the mouth and throat, which can cause the foul odor that we typically call bad breath.

There are ways to tell if you have bad breath. The most common way to notice it is if your mouth has a bitter taste to it. You can either cup your hand over your mouth and breathe into it, and then bring that hand to your nose to check the smell. Either that or you can lick the inside of your wrist and put it to your nose and sniff. If you notice an offensive odor while doing either of the "bad breath tests" then you know that you need to possibly make some improvements on your oral hygiene habits.

Bad breath, or halitosis in medical terms, can be treated using a variety of commercial products like mouthwashes. If you don't like the idea of going to the grocery store or pharmacy to purchase your mouthwash, you can try home-made substitutes. All you have to do is combine one part water to one part hydrogen peroxide. Alternatively, you can use baking soda instead of hydrogen peroxide. Both solutions work quite nicely in eliminating halitosis.

In order to reduce or get rid of bad breath there are other recommendations that you can follow. If you are a smoker or a tobacco user, refrain from this habit, because it aggravates bad breath. Your dentist will also tell you if there are nay other reasons like gum disease or leaking crowns or poorly fitted dentures or any fillings which can increase the chances of getting bad breath and he can correct them.

You may notice that some people chew gum to prevent bad breath. This practice actually has a scientific explanation. When you chew gum, saliva flows more freely in the mouth. This increased flow helps decrease the risk of bad breath. Some gums and breath strips, besides keeping the saliva flowing, can also clean out the insides of your digestive tract.

If you are going on a date, you may want to consider avoiding foods with strong aftertaste such as foods with onion or garlic. Furthermore, you will want to refrain from alcohol and caffeine whenever possible-at least on a first date. It is not that you should be paranoid about your bad breath, but that you should think about how it affects other people. Sometimes people have bad breath without even knowing it.

In case you are one of those who don't know that they have bad breath, you will at least notice that other people avoiding coming near you. If someone makes an excuse not to kiss you, and for no apparently valid reason, you should consider that you may be suffering from bad breath. You must take care of the problem as soon as possible because you will not want to live with such an easily treatable problem, and one which has so many social repercussions.

Preventing bad breath actually requires very simple practices, such as brushing your teeth after meals and remembering to floss. Most people neglect to brush their tongue as well, and this negligence can lead to bad breath. Also, you can choose a toothpaste brand that contains natural mint oils as these are very good in keeping the breath fresh.

Avoid breathing through the mouth and also remember to drink lots of water, which will flush your mouth and your digestive system. When you have water, swirl it around your mouth and through your teeth to dislodge any food debris.

On the Internet you can find out lots of information about bad breath, how to prevent it and how to cure it as well as the diseases which can cause it. You can look for the phrase 'bad breath' or 'halitosis', which is the medical name for it.

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