Is There Any Way To detect a vaginal infection?

By: Aden Moore

Vaginitis is a term used for vaginal infection. In vaginal infection, the lining of the vagina gets inflamed causing itching, discharge and rashes. There can be a bacterial and a fungal infection in the vagina.

What causes a Vaginal infection?
A vaginal infection is caused when the natural acids in the vagina are lowered due to certain reasons. These naturally occurring acids helps fighting bacteria and fungus from the vagina. When this acid quantity is lowered in the vagina, it causes infection.

How to detect a vaginal infection?
In case of a vaginal infection, there is discharge from the vagina which can vary unusually in color and smell. It also causes irritation and itching in the vagina, soreness. Women suffering from vaginal infection can also experience pain while having an intercourse, pain in the abdomen, reddening and pain in the vagina, blistering and feeling of pain while urinating.

What can cause vaginal infection?
There are many factors causing vaginal infection such as hormonal changes and stress levels. It can also be caused due to unprotected sex, having multiple sex partners can cause vaginal infection including sexually transmitted diseases. It can also be caused due to antibiotics, pregnancy, increased blood sugar, contraceptives and ill fitted under garments.
To get the vaginal infection detected, you may get your urine sample tested.

Treatment options
Out of the various options available for treating vaginal infection, Vagifem is one of the FDA approved drug. It can be used to treat the various symptoms and conditions caused due to vaginal infection and can also be used by women in their menopause which are likely to suffer from Vaginitis. It contains estradiol which is a hormone that is produced in all women before they reach their menopause. After menopause, ovaries stop producing this hormone and Vagifem tablets helps to replace this hormone.

Usage directions
Tablets can be inserted into the vagina using one time applicator tube. Once you have inserted the tablet using the applicator, it should be disposed off. It should be used exactly as mentioned on the leaflet insert inside the medicine or as prescribed by your pharmacist. It is recommended to be used for 14 days initially. If required further, it should be used once in 3-4 days. Since it is a prescription medicine, it should be always be used as prescribed by the pharmacist.

Vagifem is a hormone containing prescription medicine which is used to relieve the conditions vaginal infection such as dryness, itching, soreness and other conditions. It comes in the tablet and cream form. It is a prescription medicine which can be obtained only with a prescription from a local pharmacy or online from Online Canadian Pharmacy.

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