Is There Any Way To Make Your Loose Vagina Tight Again?

By: Jack Henrik

Following childbirth your vaginal muscles become loose, reducing sexual pleasure. You wonder: is there any way to make your loose vagina tight again? With advancing age, due to a medical condition or after menopause your vagina may feel looser and be a cause for disappointment in matters of sex. If you are worried if there is any way to make your loose vagina tight again, you need not be unduly concerned. With herbal formulations expressly designed to make you tight there once again, you will regain the pleasures of sex. You could compile a list of ayurvedic herbal sources that work to tighten tissues but then again it is so much better and easier to buy ready to use products such as Aabab tablets. You insert this tablet in your vagina minutes before you engage in sex and the herbal extracts in the ayurvedic formulation immediately tighten loose tissues, enhancing marital bliss.

Sexual pleasure hinges on adequate friction between the vaginal walls and the penis. The harder the male member is gripped the more pleasure both partners receive due to intense sensation friction delivers to the nerve endings. Lubrication is a problem in some women and lack of it can cause pain. With this herbal pessary you are assured of immediate tightening of vaginal tissues and adequate lubrication. In addition, the antibacterial properties take care of hygiene. Then again another advantage is that over time, regular use leads to enhanced libido and improved health of the reproductive system.

Ayurveda has classified herbs as having different properties. Astringent herbs tighten tissues and in this case, lead to enhanced lovemaking pleasure. However, not all herbs are of use for use as internal application to sensitive tissues of the vaginal walls. Some herbs contain ingredients that may cause itching or a burning sensation. The two most ideal herbs to tighten vaginal tissues naturally are manjuphal (Oak gall) and Dridhranga, chosen for their astringent properties, antibacterial properties and lubricating properties. They are also neutral in that they do not cause irritation or a burning sensation. Aloe vera, hibiscus, babool, arjuna, katha and raw bananas are astringent but are not quite suitable for this purpose. If your concern is to make your loose vagina tight again, stick to safe, tried and trusted herbs used in Aabab tablets.

Sex and intimacy are a part of married life. However, over time, after childbirth and due to other reasons, frequency and degree of interest wanes. Loose vagina could also be a contributory cause for both partners. Simple natural ayurvedic herbs take care of this issue, revive the interest of both partners and will contribute to enhanced libido, leading to greater shared intimacy and happiness. If your vagina feels loose to you and your partner, do not ignore it, treating sex as an act to be done and got over with; give it importance, use herbs to enhance pleasure through tightening of vaginal tissues and lubrication. Investment in pills is small, returns are tremendous, bringing the romance back into your life.

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