Is Tap Water Really Dangerous?

By: Christy Smith

If you ask whether tap water is really dangerous, then the answer is YES. Based on the recent Associated Press investigation this is true. Drugs in tap water supplies of 24 major US cities such as radiation or chemotherapy prescriptions, sex hormones, antibiotics and painkillers are just a few of the drugs found.

Is tap water really dangerous? Just ask the people who depend on the Philadelphia water supply where 56 different drugs were found in supplies. Or the 41 million Americans whose are drinking tap water has drugs where many of them dont even know about.

In 2006 male largemouth and smallmouth bass were found carrying eggs up the Potomac River that summer. This was done by the US Geological Study. Males of these species carrying eggs are mutations caused by sex hormones. The reason for this could be drugs in the water after exposure over a period of time. Studies have shown evolutionary changes in fish and wildlife over the past several years. Yet, no action has been taken to remove drugs in the public water supplies.

Is tap water really dangerous? Ask the people in New York. In fact, a new brand of bottled water, NY Tap prides itself on the novelty of being tap water from the large city. But New Yorks water supply contained antibiotics, heart medicine, estrogen, tranquilizers and mood stabilizers. Bottled water is not regulated and maybe the same for tap water.

There are no treatment plants for removing drugs from public water supplies. These are just recycling sewage treatment cleaning the water into tap water from the conservation point of view. If individuals are asking themselves, Is tap water really dangerous?, then they should install their own home water filtration system. Such a system is reverse osmosis or a tap water purifier to remove the drugs from their home drinking water.

There are filtration systems that attach to your kitchen faucet, filters that attach to drinking bottles to make your own bottled water. These are safe methods in assuring the removal of drugs in tap water. There are also whole house filtration systems.

You may think the Safety Water Act, designed for the publics safety, assures us of drug-free and contaminant free water. But this only test for nitroglycerin and this is because it can be made into explosives and epidemic virus strains such as eColi.

Some decide to install their own home water filtration systems because taking showers and washing your hands in tap water meant there are still drug absorptions. These systems can use reverse osmosis or other means of filtration to purify your tap water. There are expert sources for you to get more information on the system that will work best for your needs.

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