Is Miracle Mineral Supplement Safe For Long Term Use?

By: Lee Jacobs

If you use MMS consistently, you may not know what its long-term effects are. This article is written so that you can have that information accordingly. Oftentimes, this supplement will give you nausea, but it may also produce inflammation. In the short term come inflammation is a "good" thing, because it can increase blood flow to tissues that need it, giving extra nutritional support so that healing can occur within organs and tissues that have been damaged or otherwise injured. Thus, "inflammation" is necessary over the short term, but may very well be damaging to you if your immune response is below what you need to remove diseased tissue and invading microbes; in that case, your inflammation response may become a long-term thing, which can damage your body. In fact, inflammation has been found to be one of the driving mechanisms behind many chronic diseases.
One of the reasons chlorine dioxide works so effectively in killing microbes is that this compound is a powerful oxidizer. Substances that oxidize within the body generally stimulate a strong immune response, and that is why inflammation is often apparent and thus necessary within times of healing. Inflammation is the body's way of expediting the healing process by shuttling additional nutritional support to the area in need, and increases the subsequent necessity of removing metabolic remains. As unpleasant in the short term as this may be, in the bigger picture short term inflammation is absolutely necessary. The conventional model of treating disease and pathologies within the body is almost diametrically opposed to this, and that is to suppress the inflammation response - many modern diseases driven by inflammation are treated with anti inflammatory type medication given to suppress this very mechanism that is nature's way of dealing with disease.
Chronic diseases in general are much more common as we get older. That means that any chronic pathology is going to slowly strip the body of its natural antioxidant supplies, and using MMS over a longer time will exacerbate this even more. As you can probably guess, then, it's important that you supplement with additional antioxidant support as you consume MMS. Consuming additional antioxidants should be done separately from MMS, as if you consume your antioxidants too close to gather with MMS, they'll cancel each other out, were in effect neutralized each other so that they have no effect. So if, for example, you take MMS before breakfast and before bedtime, take your antioxidants near the middle of the day.
It doesn't matter what form you take your antioxidants in, either, whether they be supplements like vitamin C and E, the B vitamins, or substances like polyunsaturated oils, turmeric, berries, green tea and fresh fruit. Anything antioxidant is best taken apart from MMS.
Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is a powerful supplement to protect structures sensitive to oxidization, like eyes, brain and heart. When you consume vitamin C, make sure you take at least one to two hours before or after you've taken your MMS, so that it is not neutralized upon contact with the chlorine dioxide molecule.
If, for some reason, you've overdosed on sodium chlorite (or someone you're around does), you can mix a lot of clean potable water with ascorbic acid and then consume it over a period of two hours. This is the most effective way to neutralize chlorine dioxide. If you need further relief, you can vomit to expel what is left within the stomach after you've ingested the vitamin C.
As you can see, too much of anything is not a good thing, and this can be said also of the miracle mineral supplement. So take heed, and remember that health is a multifaceted consideration, but with diligence and time, the body always strives for equilibrium, thus allowing health to return.

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This article is written by Lee Jacobs who is an Acupuncturist, and has been in the field of health for 13 years. He is interested in illuminating individuals and helping others return to a better quality of wellbeing. Please feel free to read more about the">miracle mineral supplement, and feel free to visit

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