Is It Worth Fitting A Septic Tank?

By: Susan Sportman

If you are thinking of installing a septic tank or perhaps a sewage solution propagate, below are a few pointers for you, I am going to begin by mentioning three different options for you to consider. Firstly, you should have a look at the option of fitting a septic container opposed to a sewage solution place along with the (pros and cons), secondly the choices which are available for septic tanks and the choices which are available for sewage therapy plants.

So! letís begin with looking at septic container against the sewage remedy place. This doesnít normally boil down to private choice (also most people do decide to set up a sewage remedy place just because they think that it will definitely be the scraper alternative, but this is not always the case). A solution unit is a septic tank with a treatment solution inside, the main reason for fitting a solution treatment type is for two reasons. One, because you may be located close to drinking water, and secondly, you could have bad ground percolation making it unattainable to use a a septic container drainage on your proerty.

What options are readily available if you wish to install a septic tank? With a septic tank there arenít many options open to you, you have the Klargester fashion onion shape systems, these are fitted with a baffle system which floats inside the container to isolate the waste water from the solid waste, but due to the fact the solid waste remains in close proximity to the waste water the amount of solution is limited. An alternative is a cylindrical septic tank, these tanks are longer and flatter than the onion shape and these are significantly easier to put in and maintain, additionally the cylindrical septic tank has a greater quantity of the solution because of having totally individual chambers separating the solid waste from the liquid.

Now regarding treatment plants. This is where it gets hard to determine which kind to choose because of the amount of choices available. Letís start off with aeration treatment units, these units typically have 3 stages. The initial stage is a holding container for your solids inside the septic container. The second is the aeration chamber where the waste water is cleaned by forcing air in through a membrane, and the 3rd is a chamber where the effluent is discharged out of the container.

Another option is a filtration solution container like the BIOROCK, these units use natural expelled air to feed a wide rock and roll purge which uses the cardio bacteria. These units use a large container in preference to the cylindrical septic container. From the moment the waste water reaches the BIOROCK it trickles straight down the rock purge returning it to the micro organism treating it and is then expelled out of the base of the tank.

Many options are readily available for the treatment of sewage, so in brief, if it is easier to have a septic tank installed, doing this is the better option, and as long as you install a properly built soakaway then the septic container will perform well, but if the only option is a sewage treatment plant like a Klargester Biodisc then make sure you do some good research.

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