Is Going For The Letting Only Service The Right Choice?

By: James L Harrison

As a landlord in the UK, you can either rent out your property yourself, or use a letting agent. If you decide to rent out the property yourself, you may face some difficulties. First, you will need to advertise the property for rent in the newspapers. Then you will have to stay by the phone and tell potential clients about the property. Later, you will need to be available at the site to show your property to the clients. Once you reach an agreement, you will need to get a tenancy agreement drawn up. In the case of any repair work required, you will have to arrange to get it done.
Most of the people looking to rent a property prefer to deal with the letting agent. They are not comfortable directly negotiating with the landlord. Therefore, if you don?t hire a letting agent, you might save some cash but it will take a lot longer to find the right tenant.
Letting agencies would survey your property and make an estimate for the rent. If they are happy with what they see and think they can get you the required rent, they would list your property in the record. Now they will take care of the advertisements for the property, talk to interested clients and show them the site. Once everything gets to the final stage, they will call you and get the tenancy agreement made. They will also take care of any other paperwork.
Letting agencies may even provide you with their maintenance crew, so that the property is properly taken care off once the tenancy start. They will also try and get you an extension on the tenancy contract before it expires or even get you new tenants. This suits busy landlords or those with more than one property as it saves them a lot of hassle.
Possible tenants now prefer directly going to different websites hosted by letting agencies. Here they search for properties suitable for them and then contact the agency for further arrangements. A landlord cannot host this kind of facility. Letting agencies also have the advantage of knowing more about tenants and landlords and if there is any dispute, they are capable of coming up with a better solution. These are huge advantages of hiring a letting agency.
Landlords, this way, are free from the hassle of searching for tenants. A landlord is also not burdened with managing tenants during their tenancy and providing maintenance services. Also, when a tenancy is about to end, they find new tenants. Hence, a landlord may not have any period when his property lies vacant.
You can hire a big letting agency or even a small one working in one district only. The agency has to maintain a good reputation or they might lose their license and clientele. They will have information about all the relevant laws regarding tenancy. This is why they provide these services and are a better option than a solicitor is.
You would be better off using an agency if you are a landlord. They know what is required and would find a better tenant. As a landlord, you will be looking for someone who pays all the dues on time and does not do any damage to the property. A letting agency will always keep this in mind and whatever you pay them will be covered as a cost for the services and you will not have to go through any hassle on your own.

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