Is Building Maintenance Work Turning Your Home Into a Dust Trap?

By: Steve Drumm

Find out how to get allergy relief by pre-planning your next construction project. Should you are afflicted by allergies, the probability of suffering an allergy attack is significantly increased when you are exposed to dust. Guess what happens when you begin a building maintenance project and you donít take the necessary measures to limit the quantity of dust produced. Any sort of building maintenance work will create dust.

Nearly all of us have experienced allergies at some time or another. The runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and sneezing. Symptoms of allergies can strike any time or any place, based on what the allergy trigger is for an individual. If it is dust and dust mites, you need to take all of the necessary precautions that you can.

The instant you start construction, dust will flow all over the place. Your house will attract more dust and it can become a gigantic dust collector. You wonít manage to clean it all up. Trying to clean the dust during bulding maintenance is like shoveling snow during a snow storm. Itís a battle that you are quite simply not going to win. That is why allergy proofing during any house remodelling project is extremely significant.

Some of the most effective procedures to consider are:

Plan you project in detail. Ask your general contractor which measures he is going to take to keep the dust to a minimum. Do not forget to inform your contractor for those who have any allergies or are afflicted by Asthma. Keep children far away from the remodelled areas if at all achievable. If possible consider living somewhere else close to your home. That way way, you are going to be able to stay far away from the dust but stay abreast with the building maintenance progress. The remodelled area needs to be enclosed and sealed up. Your contractor ought to be hanging plastic sheeting and use barriers to contain the dust to the work areas. Additionally, the HVAC ducts (if you have them), will need to be closed to keep the dust from going to the rest of your accommodation. After the reworking project is done, it may be a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned, you will need to have proper ventilation. If possible set up a fan blowing out of the window away from the work area.

Listed below are two or three more tips:

Clear up the work area every single day before winding up the day.
Use a dust mask when you are within the building area.
Change Air conditioner filters after the remodelling is finished.
Covering your furniture with plastic will limit the dust getting onto your

If you are an allergy sufferer and your about to start your home improvement project, it would be to your advantage to pre-plan with your contractor the best way to dust proof the working area. For those who have an upcoming home improvement project and want to find out more of the methods to confine the dust to the work area then, watch this space because there will be a lot more useful tips and ideas coming along very soon. Some of these are common sence to a lot of people, but if you have never taken on a messy project before, then you might not know about the many of the "tricks of the trade".

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