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By: Tony Petz

We encounter pests almost everywhere we go. In your home, at your workplace, in class, inside the mall; you can't take a stride outside your house and not run across a sort of bug or rodent. This really is all fine and dandy, because we are sharing our planet with all the other creatures in it. Whenever these unwanted pests invade your home and expose you to health hazards, however, pest control NYC authorities say you should draw the line.

In addition to the typical ant or spider you come across around your home, there are certain animals that experts in pest control in Manhattan say you should be wary of, because these cause remarkable dangers caused by some horrific qualities. Here are some of them.

Bullet ant

Ants are familiar to everyone on the planet, together with New York City pest control specialists, for the reason that have spread towards just about any part of the entire world. The common ant isn't a legitimate risk in any respect, unless you left your sandwich at the kitchen counter, in which case a couple of ants would certainly then visit to "mop up." The bullet ant, however, differs from the others. The bullet ant, or Paraponera clavata, is a form of ant sporting a unpleasant sting. This terrible sting shows up to be the most distressing sting you could ever feel according to the Schmidt Index, which measures and classifies the pain experienced from the sting of various varieties of insects.

Africanized honey bee

Bees are usually known to be diligent and structured bugs. Bees usually can be observed tending to their hives or obtaining nectar while pollinating flowers along the way. The Africanized honey bee is another style of hardworking bee, except that this particular bee is violent and will eliminate any being that this deems a threat. Regular bees, upon observing you encroach upon their hive, offers you about 10 seconds before chasing you away employing a few soldier bees for couple hundred feet. Africanized honey bees will immediately attack along with the bees in their hive and pursue you for half a mile.

Army ants

Another type of ant that pest control NYC professionals warn you ought to be careful of will be the army ant that emanates from the Amazon basin. Distinctive from your garden-variety ants, these army ants are huge, with the normal soldier ant getting to half an inch long. They likewise have large and formidable mandibles and swarm by the million. Yet another scary thing about these ants is that as an alternative to having a colony just like different ants, army ants are totally mobile. They form changing colonies referred to as bivouacs, and will definitely kill and take in all organisms they swarm over.

Brazilian wandering spider

The Brazilian wandering spider is a type of arachnid noticed mostly in Brazil, but because of their wandering characteristics they can be found around South America. In accordance with New York City pest control experts, what sets this spider aside from the others is its venom, since it is regarded essentially the most venomous spider in the world. Aside from causing intense pain and eventual death, its venom may cause priapism in individuals, a condition by which a man's penis remains to be painfully erect for a long time.

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The Author is an entomologist well aware of the usefulness of pest control Manhattan, and knows how fleas exterminator NYC accomplish pest management management.

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