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By: Mel Joelle

With the immense popularity of the iPhone ever since its arrival on the market back in 2007, it is helpful to know which iPhone apps are considered the best. The apps users download to their device are used for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from the mandatory to simple enjoyment. The best iPhone apps are those the individual will find himself using constantly, and in general are those that are most frequently downloaded.

Pandora Radio is a music app for the iPhone that allows you to listen to streamed music on your iPhone via your very own personalized radio. By simply plugging in the name of one of your favorite artists, bands or songs, Pandora will create a radio station based on it and music that is similar. The app runs on 3G or EDGE, so it is necessary to have a data plan on your iPhone to use it.

Angry Birds is no doubt one of the most downloaded apps for the iPhone. It is a game that is highly addictive and offers multiple levels, where a group of birds wage war against a bunch of taunting green pigs who have stolen their eggs. The birds are launched toward the pigs, who are usually nestled in some sort of structure for protection. A tap of a finger across the screen can give most of the birds added power in the form of a bomb, dividing into three, dropping an egg missile or flying higher. In a nutshell, Angry Birds is an insanely fun iPhone app, and it will be difficult to stop playing.

Data Man is a highly useful app for your iPhone if you have a data plan attached to it. The user sets their bill date, or the day of the month that their plan resets, and enters the amount of data their plan allows. The app will calculate the amount of data used on the iPhone on a daily basis, alerting you with a tone, plus a message on the screen, when you have reached a certain percentage of your allotted daily data. This app can be a lifesaver for individuals who consume a large amount of data on a regular basis and can help to avoid over-usage.

Alarm Clock is another app that iPhone users will find handy, especially if they do not own a clock radio or regular alarm clock. It features an LCD display of the time in a wide array of colors, and you can set an alarm to wake you up in the morning. You can choose from music in your iPhone's iPod or a choice of tones the app has to sound when the alarm goes off. The only negative aspect of Alarm Clock is that you must keep your iPhone on all night and the app open in order for it to work.

Facebook is the hottest social networking website out there. It is a must to have on your iPhone, especially when you are on the go.

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