Investing In Probate Properties

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Real estate investors tend to only look at foreclosures, REOs, and run down properties, but they may be missing one category of properties that can make them a huge profit. This is probate properties. Probate is the process that your property goes through after you die. This time of probate allows the property to be disbursed according to your will or if you do not have a will, the property is disbursed at the will of the judge. Either way, real estate is one of the largest parts of the estate and it can be one of the most valuable parts as well.

If there is real estate in the property of the deceased person, many times the heirs have an interest in selling the property. Whether it is to pay off debt that the deceased had or simply because none of the heirs are interested in having the property for themselves, selling the property can take a huge burden off of the heirs in some cases.

To find these properties and the heirs, you will need to sit in on probate court and find the probate properties through their entering probate. There is not a list of properties that you can look to, in fact, you will have to do the legwork yourself to determine if the heirs are interested in selling the property. This will need to be done with great respect, as you are dealing with people who are grieving a major loss. If they are interested, then that is great, but if they are not, give them your card and move on.

Once you find the properties, you will want to visit the properties to see if you are interested in purchasing them. This will allow you to find properties that meet your needs and your wants. Be ready with a cash offer for the property, as this will get the heirs their money much quicker and it speaks much louder than having to get financing does.

After you have made an offer and it is accepted, you are ready to purchase the property. Whether you are going to rent it out, flip it to make a profit, or live in it, you will find great properties in probate. By taking your time and finding just the right properties, you will be able to make your real estate empire into one that is profitable and lucrative

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