Invest in Self Improvement, Invest in Your Business

By: Ina Hikmatullah

Typically, in the world of work and business, you have to invest a little to get anything back. That is the fundamental aspect that makes economics what it is. Even if you dont own your own business, things like a car to get you to work, or a suit to meet with the company dress code can be viewed as investments. After all, youre hopefully going to be making more than the costs of these items, right?
When you take steps toward self improvement, that is the most important form of investment. Its an investment in you! Naturally, the reason your employer keeps you around is because what of what you can do, what your capabilities are. Investing in your own self improvement will improve your capabilities, which will in turn improve things like wage, job security, and even work satisfaction.
After all, most people are not doing what they would most prefer to do. Many of us would not go to our jobs if we had all the money that we wanted. However, it is important that we believe that we are capable at doing good work at our jobs. This is the first step towards moving towards bigger and better things.
This is not a career path that people choose out of confident desire to succeed. This is the path that people very often choose out of fear, and I would say that most people live this kind of life. Very often we have limiting beliefs that convince us that we cant do better, which causes us to put in a C- effort at the job, which isnt good for our sense of self-worth.
The key is making your desire to succeed stronger than your fear. To do that, you have to visualize your goals. You have to think about how much things are going to be better for you once you have finally gotten what want. In self improvement, that means visualizing yourself as you want to be. Do you want to be a better communicator at work, more organized, more energetic? If you see yourself that way, that gives you a model to live by. Once you have this model, all you have to do is concentrate on reaching your goals, and spend less time thinking about why they are impossible.
Thats the attitude of a successful person. And for now, youll have to fake it until you make it! Like I said, were trying to get out of living a lifestyle of fear. We dont want to take any senseless risks, however. The first most important step to getting to where you want to be is realizing that youre not wasting your life today, but that you are in the process of moving towards what you want.
Doing the bare minimum where you are now is just going to make you feel like you can barely even cope with what you have, and that you wont be able to make a change. It gives your work power over you, and it definitely needs to be the other way around.
Remember, in self improvement there is no one magic bullet. Its a process, and the process is what makes us better people. It comes gradually. So if you want a better life, apply this one self improvement technique today, and keep moving towards your goals!

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