Inventory Software Within Reach of Small Business

By: Howard Brule

As customers we have become accustomed to the way large retail stores track the different goods they have on hand and we now expect them to provide us with up to date information on the products they have in stock. This requires a sophisticated inventory control system using barcodes and barcode scanners.

Contrast this with a typical small business where, for one reason or another, that same level of sophisticated inventory control is simply not in place. That may be because many small businesses do not carry enough product lines to justify such a system. But it may also be that the owners are not aware of the advances in inventory control software and systems that have taken place over the last few years.

One big question every business must ask is whether the cost required to install inventory tracking systems is worth the return. Such a system needs to be implemented with reasonable costs to be effective, it must be easy to maintain, and the staff must be knowledgeable enough to use the system. Will the costs involved in the implementation of such a sytem be worth the benefits?

Fortunately, nowadays there is inventory control software on the market that is quite inexpensive in both its implementation and administration costs. That makes it possible for small and medium sized businesses to have the advantages of having a sophisticated inventory control system.

That is not surprising given the rapidly expanding impact of small businesses on virtually all sectors of the economy. The impact of computers continues to be felt on all aspects of our lives. And small business is no exception.

In fact this is where much of the growth for the foreseeable future is likely to take place. As software designers apply their skills to developing products for small business, we can expect costs to continue to go down and capabilities continue to go up. And that is exactly what has happened in the area of inventory control software.

Today's small business owners would be wise to take a fresh look at these new inventory control products. There are low cost systems which will track inventory in a number of ways, including by serial number, lot, pallet, purchase order, or date code. The same software makes it possible to print inventory labels and custom labels for products with barcode label software that is included in the inventory control solution. And of course such a system will generate comprehensive reports and overviews to help the small business owner better manage company inventory.

Perhaps the single best reason to adopt this software is its simplicity. Individuals that are in charge of their own companies rarely have time to devote to learning the quirks of a new inventory system. What a small business person wants is a bullet proof system that is simple enough to work from practically the minute it is installed.

It used to be that real time inventory control systems with significant time and resource-saving features were only available to the larger companies. This is no longer true, even the owner of the smallest business can access these systems.

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