Intrusion Prevention System- your essential network security tool

By: alexssmith

As the Internet continues to grow along with its multiple informative and recreational features, so does your system’s exposure to harmful and malicious online attacks. The introduction of new technology everyday makes viruses more aggressive and as a result, makes your network more vulnerable and susceptible to attacks.

If you’re the type whose business or lifestyle revolves around Internet use, then it is essential that you keep yourself safe from potential cyber-attacks with the necessary tools designed for it. Hackers have become more sophisticated and are more determined to access personal information on your system that will let them access important details about you and your best defense against such attacks is to ensure your network security so that you may continue to enjoy the perks of the World Wide Web safely.
Ensuring the best network security for your system doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise your hardware’s performance. One of the best tools in intrusion prevention that monitors your network and system activities makes sure that it is able to identify malicious attacks and potential intrusion without bogging down your computer. It inherently tries to block these malwares and their activities and immediately informs you about them so you can do something about it immediately.

Other cyber security applications include firewalls, which are designed to protect web based applications and servers. The firewall security detects malwares by monitoring traffic to and from applications and servers. Both are complementary cyber-protection tools that increase your system’s security online through:

• Network awareness- When a new host enters into your network, the system and host configuration changes and the IPS software works to bring continuous network visbility with IT policy submissions.

• Application awareness- it identifies the identity application traffic travelling through the network to define application policies and network activity.

• Identity awareness- it improves audit controls and regulates compliance by linking events directly to the individual users.

• Behavior awareness- it detects and isolates the internal threats by establishing normal traffic baselines and detects network anomalies.

By keeping these in mind you can safely conduct even the most important business transaction online and have the peace of mind that you have complete network security.

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