Interpretation of Communist Intellectuals Understanding of the Tortuous Process

By: yang

Part of the working class intellectuals, this is about the class nature of intellectuals during the socialist period the correct expression. Comprehensive and in-depth study of this important thinking of the development process and science content, for accomplishing the work of the new era of intellectuals, and promote China's socialist modernization process, has profound practical significance.


On the part of intellectuals, the basic idea of the working class, along with the complete victory of the Chinese democratic revolution and founded the People's Republic's. March 1949, in the national democratic revolution on the verge of victory when the Second Session of the Seventh Communist Party of China pointed out that from now on, the party's focus from the countryside moved to the city, in the city struggle to rely on the working class wholeheartedly, The working class is the leading force in the people's democratic dictatorship; must fight for intellectuals and unite the revolutionary intellectuals. In this historical turning point, how to correctly understand and solve the relationship between intellectuals and the working class to be placed in front of the Chinese Communist Party major theoretical and practical issues in urgent need of party leaders to give a clear answer.

Liu was China's intellectual class of the various groups, an analysis of the class attribute: teachers, journalists, actors and other cultural and educational workers, "are wage earners," should be included within the working class; engineers, technicians and other staff, are "wage earners" in the "mental", "part of the working class"; and so on. In this way, Liu will intelligentsia of the various groups included in the working class in general. Liu believes that "the proletariat is mental," the working class intellectuals, "a class." He said: "To know, do not just look at the surface, just look at life, to employ is hiring, university professors earn a few pounds of rice, is the proletariat, the peasants, the poor earns a few pounds of rice, a hard life, but not proletariat, but only half of the proletariat. "" bourgeois engineer by education, though, and the bourgeoisie is closer, in terms of ideology affected, most of them petty-bourgeois origin, "but they" sell their labor, " "basically a part of the working class." Sell their labor intellectuals "are the working people" and "not because they are closer to the bourgeoisie, influenced by the ideology, but will the plan into another class, do not treat them as part of the working class, it song, is bound to produce great harm, it will split the working class. " Liu is also clear that within the intellectual in the working class were the status and future trends. He pointed out that the "proletarian center manual"; "few intellectuals", which "is valuable." "In the future social changes, people can study at university, the difference between mental and manual labor will be eliminated."

July 6, 1949, Zhou Enlai, writers and artists in the National Congress said: "the spirit of writers and artists are laborers, broadly speaking, are a member of the working class." With 23, his union work conference in the country said: "Workers and employees are working class, some in their management position, either directly produced by manual workers, but the division is different, not the class antagonisms." In addition, other leaders have made a part of the working class intellectuals. August 1950, "the Central People's Government Administration Council on the decision by rural class composition" solemnly states: "Where the employment of the state, cooperatives or private institutions, enterprises, schools, etc., as one of the staff, and receiving wages that life the main source of all or who called the staff. Staff as part of the working class. "" Where have special skills or expertise of intellectuals, employed by the state, cooperatives or private institutions, businesses, schools, etc. engaged in mental work, made high wages that the main source of livelihood in whole or in person, such as engineers, professors, experts, known as the senior staff, and its components and the general staff of the same class. "

Need to stress that the new China was established before and after the Intellectuals of the definition, completely departing from the economic status was not uniform and can not come in from other areas.


After the founding of New China, in order to unite the majority of intellectuals to play their important role in the cause of the party and the government of the old era intellectuals adopted a "pack down" approach, most of them are given appropriate work is also responsible for part of the work assigned; to the original unemployed intellectuals to help them find jobs, or give other appropriate arrangements; for many intellectuals, the political representatives to give due status. In addition, given the intellectual class of people who establish the proletarian ideology, or a minority, still can not meet the needs of the times, the party and the country attached great importance to ideological and intellectual transformation, leading them to study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, to help them overcome the species of old ideas, receive and establish the working-class ideas. September 29, 1951, shall be President of Peking University and Beijing University teacher learning will Yinchu the invitation of Chou En-lai in Beijing, Tianjin university teachers to learn about the intellectual transformation, delivered a speech problem. He combines his personal experience, the idea that intellectual transformation is constantly learning and understanding, continue to progress. He said that intellectuals should "further to the people from the national stand position, and further to the working class position." Of course, "China's intellectuals, mostly from the landlord class or bourgeois family background, and can not ask them to suddenly be able to stand the working class to the stand," but "to promote this process, and promote intellectual progress."

With the intellectual and ideological transformation of the socialist transformation of private ownership of production depth, more and more intellectuals embarked on the road to socialism, and gradually accepted the working class ideology. January 14, 1956, Zhou Enlai, the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on the issue of intellectuals pointed out that the old intellectual "has become a national majority of staff have been socialism, has been a part of the working class." Economic status of the past purely from the working class intellectual property as defined different this time, Zhou Enlai, the intellectuals have been linked to the fact that as socialism, the economic status of intellectuals for whom services and unified definition of intellectual property of the working class . He also proposed in the report "Science is the relationship between our national defense, economic, and cultural aspects have a decisive factor" theory, that "the development of socialist construction," "intellectuals must rely on active labor," "relying on workers, peasants, intellectuals, brothers and Union "," intellectuals have all aspects of our country an important factor in life.” To January 1956, China's scientific research, education, engineering technology, health, culture and the arts Intellectuals five 384 million people, about 10 intellectuals in the country people, they are a working class to socialism The great strength.

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