Internet Marketing Strategy: The Benefits Of Automating Your Business


There's a story about a wealth seeker who sold everything he had and used the money to search for "The Touchstone", a magical stone that could turn anything into gold. It was supposed to be located on a seashore far away, mixed in with all the other stones found there.

The difference was that it would be warm to the touch, unlike all the others. This seeker of wealth went to that seashore and began picking up stones, feeling them and throwing them into the sea if they were cold. This went on for many months. Finally, one day, he picked up a stone, felt it and threw it into the sea. Unfortunately, it felt warm.

The problem with repetitive chores is more than just throwing away opportunities by mistake. The time you spend on drudge work is time you take away from working on the strategic and tactical considerations your business requires. That's where the money is. Being able to devote your time to planning, goal setting and the like will increase your income and free up your time to spend on all the other things in life you enjoy.

By automating everything from your email campaigns to updating the content on your Web sites or blogs, you free yourself from having to do that which is best done by machine, often for free. Sure, you may have to pay a monthly fee for an auto responder. That money is well spent if you use it to its best advantage.

Loading up 52 weeks of follow up emails to your list means you have a year to come up with more content for next year. Using a service to supply your digital downloads to customers means you don't have to be checking email every five minutes and sending out big files as attachments that end up in a spam folder, leading to more email and more aggravation.

Thanks to the growth of the Internet as a "platform", practically any repetitive chore can be done via software, scripts or another Web site that does these chores for you. This is also another means of making a killing online.

By supplying the script, software or Web site that does chores for other Internet Marketers, you create a stream of revenue supported by folks who will grow and want more of the same. This can be a gold mine for programmers and those who manage them. Stay on top of what the market is looking for and be there to supply it reliably. Then, spend a lot of time counting and spending your income!

Another great feature of many automated scripts and programs is personalization. When you "capture" personal information about a customer or prospect, that information can be used to "populate" forms, emails, sales letters and more. By automatically filling in what would be blank fields in a sales page or saying, "Dear 'Sparky'", rather than, "Dear Friend", in an email header, you create an emotional connection with your contact. Even very jaded IM pros appreciate the little touches that show someone has thought about saving a bit of time or personalizing what could be cold and impersonal.

You increase your value to people by giving them as much as you can that really matters to them. Nobody wants to hear the excuse that, "I'm doing this all by hand, so allow some extra time to get what you want." Let a machine crank out your repetitive tasks and deliver your digital downloads. There's less chance you'll drop the ball through human error and more opportunity for you to work on the next phase of your campaign to dominate your neck of the Virtual woods.

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