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By: mlr sachdeva

I am just amazed at the state of entertainment in our world. I remember as a kid, back in the 60s, the shows were really well done. Today...not so much. There is more stupidity in the world than I can shake a stick at. One only needs to turn on just about any reality TV show to see my point illustrated in spades. And guess what? This stuff SELLS. Yes folks...we are a world that loves stupidity. Okay, you're probably thinking what this has to do with Internet marketing. It has everything to do with it...thanks to video.

You may not be aware of this but YouTube is the fourth ranked site on the Internet according to Alexa. Heck, even I go there. For more details I admit it. I'm hooked. Now, while I don't watch the stupid videos, if you take a look at some of the most popular ones, you'll find that many of them are really out there. It goes back to what I said at the start of this article...people love stupidity. Okay, so how can you use this fact to help your Internet marketing reach new heights?

Well, for starters, you have to enter the world of making videos. Now before you say that you don't know how or can't afford it, let me tell you something. It's easy. I mean it's VERY easy. And it's not expensive at all. I purchased my Mustek digital camera for about a hundred bucks at Radio Shack. With good light, it gives you a decent video quality wise.

As for ease of use, it doesn't get easier. Most digital cameras come with very simple to follow instructions. And editing your videos is also easy as well with software like Camtasia, which only costs a few hundred dollars. The download from camera to PC is a simple as plugging the camera into your USB port. From there you'll get all these menus pop up that a child could navigate through. For more details Camtasia makes it very simple to get a decent video on YouTube in a matter of hours.

Ah, but what about the marketing part? That's the only part that requires some thought. The key is taking your niche, whatever it is, and representing it in a humorous light. I did this with one video of mine where I taught my son Jerry, and of course the viewers as well, how to do article marketing. It was done in a humorous way that was also educational. The combination has led to quite a few views even with NO outside promotion. That's how big video is today.

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