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By: John Reed

So, you have heard of pay per click and now you want to use it. You have an idea of what you want to say on your banner ad and you are raring to go. Hold your horses. Pay per click advertising is not difficult to do but dont let that statement fool you. It is amazingly difficult to succeed at it. Monthly rate advertising sites provide more advertising for less money. Read On.

You can ask would-be marketers of different levels, from many different backgrounds, and they will tell you the same thing. Implementation of a successful pay per click advertising campaign is quite difficult and requires a certain level of internet savvy.

Think I am kidding? Perform a search on any popular search engine and look for pay per click tutorials. If you read them, they will all tell you the same thing. They will basically tell you how to make your banner, and to put it on the website or keyword that gets the most traffic. To the novice, this actually sounds like sound advice from a pro, but they negate telling you one simple fact. Websites with the best traffic tend to know it and set their advertising rates accordingly.

Premium advertising spot prices and the shear number of well funded advertisers seeking to get their products noticed, creates a pay per click banner ad competition that leaves small budget guys and gals grasping at the wind. Add to this, the number of lookiloos that will click and come to your website stay on a website two to five seconds and advertisers are basically giving money away or out of the game all together.

It has been said by some that it is a hard task to get noticed online. That is an understatement in the strongest sense of the word. Todays internet is not the internet of ten years ago or even the internet of one year ago. Things have changed and smart marketers recognize and accept this fact.

Long gone are the days when a small business could depend on the kindness of strangers to post their banner for free, simply because they believe in the product. I am not saying that it cant happen today but the likelihood of it happening on a large enough scale to make a difference in the bottom line is dismal at best.

You may have a product that is as unique as can be, but please understand this. You have competition. Maybe not competition someone selling the exact same product, but you have competition for the advertising spot that you need to get your product noticed. This is cross product competition. You may be selling shoes and they may be selling belts but in the end, you are both battling for the attention of the buyer. Thats why 90 percent of pay per click advertising sites wont allow advertisers to just pay a monthly rate for the advertising they will do. You have got to wonder why?

Pay per click sounds great when you first hear it. Its cheap, its quick and its easy to do. To that I say wrong, wrong and wrong. Successful campaigns are rarely any of these.

Your ad can get clicks but think about it. There are software programs that can and probably will provide false hits that will cost you money. Software scripts that follow links looking for email addresses to harvest, automated data gatherers such as search engine spiders and a whole host of other malicious coding exist to drive up the price one pays for their pay per click campaigns. You will see it as a click and a charge but you wont get the benefit of a customer visiting. It is exponentially cheaper if you can find an advertising website that allows for the advertiser to pay a flat monthly fee for advertising. Added benefit from monthly fee advertising websites is that they often allow you to lock in low rates as long as your ad remains active.

Many of the monthly fee advertising websites employ innovative strategies for getting real people to come to your website and stay there for long lengths of time, reading all of your websites content and giving you an increased chance to sell your product an service.

It is an important strategy to begin advertising on websites as soon as they hit the internet. While they are new and before their own marketing campaigns kick in, their prices are extremely low and your ad price can be locked in. as the site grows you gain the benefit of all of their marketing efforts.

{One monthly fee advertising website TypoBounty dot com charges less than ten bucks per month but provides an almost unimaginable venue to be seen and heard, plus they provide over two thousand dollars worth of additional services, all for that same ten dollars. Compare that to pay per click campaigns of 300 to 1500 bucks, the savings is clear.

Remember, If you just want to count clicks, pay per click advertising will provide that for you. But if you want to make sales, flat rate, monthly advertising rates are best.

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The author, John Reed, has 15 years business marketing experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online businesses. You can read more about avoiding the money trap of marketing at

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