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Differentiating between news and gossip
With the advent of the internet it is possible to get 24x7 coverage of news not only at our homes, but news on the move is a possibility today. Mobile phones too play their effective part in this information race. You can find all types of news items from the less interesting to highly captivating news items. In this era of information we often cannot distinguish that easily between news and gossip. It is the media that makes the information that it presents so confusing and often for its own advantage. The definitions of news and gossip too seem to vary from one individual to the other.
News is often considered to be some new information pertaining to someone or something or some activity. On the other hand gossip is nothing but worthless talk about others that is often done to while away time and they don’t have any real foundation in reality but often they are negative in nature. Today we can see both news and gossip being broadcast via all forms of media. Not all information that is negative in nature can be treated as gossip. At times even what is considered to be news will not have a strong foundation. So there is a very thin line between news and gossip.
Have you ever tried making a search using a celebrity’s name? You will find thousands of results listed in the search engine results page. Some of them will take you to sites that are newsworthy whereas others will take you to sites that are especially dedicated to their audience who love gossip. When we visit these sites we do not categorize them as news sites and others as gossip sites we treat them equally as websites that give information about the celebrity. Interestingly, this is true only with the case of movie stars and celebrities in the entertainment industry. If we are looking for information on someone else like a business person, we would take the time to verify the information that we read and leave out the information that is without any foundation.
So as we can see, it is we, the audience who make the distinction depending on what we are looking for. We have to make sure that the information that we read is from a reputable source whether it is a newsworthy item or whether it is a gossip feature and whether what ever is presented there has some foundation in reality.
There are some good websites like whose main purpose is to serve as a platform where people who like gossips can share and read gossips about various celebrities. The nature of such websites dictate that it presents gossips about all top celebrities because their audience come to such sites precisely to read the gossips and they are not interested in pure news items.
By exercising a certain amount of discretion that is guided by our reason we will certainly be able to distinguish between news and gossip even though media tries to wipe off the thin line that exists.

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