Interesting Facts About Laser Eye Surgery

By: Don Pedro

Do you know that undergoing laser eye surgery has its related side effects? Yes, it has! Do not expect to be operated upon with laser without a side effect. Basically, the primary related side effects could be astigmatism, which occurs irregularly, and decentration.
Which part of the eye is really target when a laser eye surgery is carried out? The cornea of course! Although this part is the target but specifically under the operation or surgery, the middle layer called the stroma is really the place where all actions of correction take place.
You have undergone PRK laser eye surgery but you still rely on your lenses for sight. Not to worry, because after this type of surgery there are usually side effects that makes you see halos. This will definitely clear and you may stop using those lenses.
Tracking devices are other modern instrument that has been developed to ensure you have a smooth and safe laser eye surgery. Throughout the time when your eye is being operated by laser eye surgery, these tracking devices are made to monitor all the motions, which your eyes made. It has been effective tool.
Are you feeling slight discomforts now that you have successfully undergone laser eye surgery? This might be due to the fact that the anaesthesia administered on you during the procedure is beginning to fade. This is quite normal but before a few hours they would cease.
Wouldn't you like waking up one morning and find out that those reading lenses of yours might not be needed again? Or wouldn't it appeal to you that you will not have to worry about going to an optician to change your lenses? For me it is quite pleasing! With laser eye surgery, that visual disorder that makes you to wear lenses will be corrected that you will not really need them again. Go out there and try it.
A type of laser eye surgery that is really popular is LASIK. The acronym refers to Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. If you are above 19 years and have good corneas then, you are a qualified candidate for LASIK. This type of laser eye surgery has been shown to be productive in terms of correction of eye problems.
In the process of performing laser eye surgery, the flap of your cornea will be cut as the initial part. Later on the pivot would be left on a side of the flap so as to be removed later. Throughout this process your cornea middle part-stroma would be remodelled. The excimer laser is what is generally used to achieve the removal of tissues.

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