Inter-LED market to promote the different market strategy layout is essential

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Inter-LED market to promote the different market strategy layout is essential
Trends continue to rise by the favorable degree of energy-saving concept, LED lighting prices continued to fall, the technology continues to progress, the prospects are good. It is estimated that LED lighting from !a href="">LED lighting Power Supply 2011 began its dramatic growth, the lighting market size in 2014 will reach $ 70.8 billion.

Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow in China, pointed out that although most countries have varying degrees of implementation of the policy on the promotion of LED lighting, but effective, but quite different, Around the world market, the experience of Japan in the LED lighting may be worth learning from. First of all, the Japanese LED technology is a world-class, which largely increased the cost of that country's decline; Secondly, the Government's concern about the continuing unabated, whether it is the beginning of the industrial development, market development, government in which occupy an important position.

Again, the Japanese people's awareness of environmental protection and energy saving is very strong, precisely because of the broad public support in the growing energy crunch, the end-consumer market will quickly open, which is also in other countries is more a lack of, especially in China , LED lighting market in China has yet to open, and consumer awareness.

In Taiwan LED production value of the world rankings, but after all, the power consumption of the Taiwan region is limited, more need to rely on the output of the product led to the rise of the market, therefore, if the LED lighting market is the delay does not start, stimulating domestic demand can not Taiwan LED lighting market. The other hand, the mainland China, although domestic demand strong but far from reaching the appropriate level, therefore, strong domestic demand and the future of the mainland market must be a hotly contested spot.

According to the Investment Advisor in the release of "2010-2015 China's semiconductor lighting (LED) industry investment analysis and forecast report, the production capacity will inevitably lead to the decline in prices, will be popular when the price of LED lamps down to the LED Controller people to accept within imperative, which means that a larger LED market is about to start, the industry will enter a period of unprecedented opportunities and challenges of the new stage. While at the same time, a huge space for development will bring more intense competition in the market, industry reshuffle, the vertical integration between the enterprise is inevitable.

Investment Advisor in the Research Director Zhang Yan Lin pointed out that, with the mature application of outdoor lighting, indoor lighting will be LED lighting next stage of the breakthrough point, in a nutshell, before the start of large-scale LED lighting market, a good layout of the market is very necessary, not only to seize the highest point of the market, more can save speedy completion of the strategic layout of the entire market, so will be able to gain more market share and profit.

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