Installing a Water Filter? Whole House Works Best

By: Zachus J Winestone

In the United States today every second house has either got a water filter or thinking about getting one. The seriousness of contaminated water and what is does to your health is too important to ignore. Water borne diseases are on a raise every year due to contaminants still coming from our local water sources. At times our local water sources overcompensate with chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride to help disinfect our water. Some people can actually taste the difference in water and even the texture is different at times.
As a result health related sickness such as sore stomach, running stomach; headaches especially with kids and even cancer and death have taken place. In all these cases water filters could have helped a great deal to minimize if not eliminates such problems. Many short sighted people only see water filters as an extra expense which the do not need, however, it is in fact an investment into your health and wellbeing. When you are unsure about choosing a water filter, whole house is recommended.
When it comes to filtering water a whole house filter does the job best to get rid of any residue, contaminants and bacteria left in water. Whole house have a higher filter power than most other filters in the business. It has the ability to supply pure water to your entire whole from one single source connected to your main pipe line. When I say entire house, yes I even mean to your gardens and showers. The great thing about a whole house filter is the rate to which water comes out of your taps, consistent pressure all times.
Three Methods Used In Whole House Filters
Installing a whole house filter is done quickly by a plumber and can be up and running in within the hour. The whole filter is usually ever attached to the main water pipes connecting to your house. Upon completion the water enters the first unit where the denser matter is removed before actually entering the whole house system itself. Once it passed into the whole house filter system water is purified even further ready to be released into your taps for drinking.
The Ionization approach is another way to filter water instead of using the above filter unit method. This approach involves the use of two electric chargers. These charges when activated by the flow of water send an electric pulse through the water killing all bacteria before it enters the whole house system for further purification,
The third approach involves installing a bypass valve on the inlet of the filtering system. This is recommended by many plumbers because it conserves water when watering lawns, gardens and even when washing yours cars. Water is conserved this way when its bypasses through an outside connection before going through the whole house filter. This way you are saving money on the use of purified water which you do not consume.
Minor Problems
The only problem I can think of is the price of this system. Though it maybe a bit much my family's health and well-being is priceless. In actual fact ever since my family has been drinking water from the whole house filter my doctors bills have decreased as well. In this way my filter is paying off itself with my family having the benefits of drinking pure clean water.
Some of the more basic water filters are the faucet filters, undersink filters and counter-top filters. Unlike the whole house filter these other basic filters only filter water from one tap outlet and not taps through out the entire.
For a wise choice of a water filter, whole house is recommended for your family.

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Zachus J Winestone has had a keen interest in water filter systems for a long time now. When it comes to purchasing a water filter, whole houseis recommended as the most popular. For more reviews on any water filter, whole house or its alternatives visit his resourceful webpage now.

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