Installing A New Saddle

By: Art Penz

With the excitement of trying a new saddle dont overlook the chance to increase the joy of that first ride. Take a moment before you remove your current saddle and follow these easy steps to drastically reduce setup time.

Tools you will need:
* Allen Key set
* Measuring tape
* Level
* Pencil and paper

1. With your measuring tape take the following two measurements and write them down.
a. Seat Height - from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle (follow the seat tube up)
b. Reach - from the tip of the saddle nose to the center of your handle bar (follow the top tube)

2. Proceed to remove your current saddle from your seat post. With it removed place the new saddle on the seat post, level it and tighten the bolts until the saddle will remain in a neutral position but is still movable.

3. The two measurements you took earlier are now needed.
a. Start with the reach, duplicate the same reach measurement you had earlier. This will involve sliding the saddle fore and aft. If your new saddle is longer or shorter than your previous saddle take this into consideration on the new set up. For example: if your new saddle is 2cm longer start by splitting the difference and reduce your reach measurement by 1cm. With the reach set, tighten the seat post so the saddle will not move.

b. For the seat height, measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle and compare to the measurement taken earlier. If an adjustment needs to be made, loosen the seat post clamp and raise or lower your seat post to get the desired seat height then tighten the seat post clamp.

4. Now youre set for your first ride. Be sure to bring your Allen key set with you on your next few rides to make minor adjustments.

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