Innovations In Skin Moisturizers That Protect And Repair

By: Chris Channing...

It's hard to believe that skin lotion has evolved to the point where it has become a helpful tool in treating real medical conditions. Moisturizing lotion companies have continually improved upon their designs, and we can now enjoy lotions that will protect, heal, and moisturize our skin without faltering.
Babies get diaper rash because of a process called TEWL. Transepidermal water loss is the process of the body expelling water through the skin. It could possibly dampen clothing or diapers to the point in which blisters or rashes form. Moisturizing lotion with the ability to protect against the excess moisture and soothe damage already done is available to parents and the elderly.
Not everyone had the good fortune to be born with genes that lead to perfect skin. Blemishes on the skin can leave behind scars on the face and other body areas that can lead to dissatisfaction. Skin moisturizers created to smooth out the skin via exfoliation and special ingredients will help in the process of returning skin back to normal. For extreme measures other treatments would be required, but not for mild cases.
The skin emits oils and sweat that quickly lead to odor. To combat this process, deodorant is used to keep us smelling and feeling great. Certain conditions or actions could make the body either more oily or at higher odds of causing odor. Lotion that has odor-neutralizing agents in it work well in this case after a long day at work or to prepare for sweat-inducing activity. Lotions such as this are already being employed in medical fields.
The acid content of a solution can be described in terms of pH. pH is used primarily in treating water systems, but also in leveling the balance of acidity found in lotions or the skin. pH balancing lotions are able to bring the skin to a more alkaline or acidic state in order to treat certain conditions. One example would be with treating acne, where the patient will have tests done to see what skin type they are and what pH the skin should be ideally.
Even just working out in the cold weather could prove need for a moisturizer. In this case a moisturizer that will protect against low humidity environments is required. You will sometimes notice that snowboarders will moisturize any exposed skin before taking to the slopes. If they didn't, they would notice later on that their skin is inflamed, chapped, and in desperate need of some moisturization.
Closing Comments
Lotion isn't as simple in nature as it once was. Science has taken the industry quite a long way, and it will be exciting to see where it goes from here. Already we are seeing the average moisturizer in use as a protectant and a treatment aid, and we can only hope science continues to expand the possibilities.

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