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Unclaimed Federal Funds total billions in the US and some might be yours.

The Federal Government holds over $33 billion in unclaimed property. The states between themselves hold billions more. The government does not want to keep this money – its not theirs and they can’t use it.

Efforts are made to trace the rightful owners of the unclaimed federal funds but often with no success. This is due to people having changed addresses, divorces, name changes and death.

However, unclaimed federal funds do not lapse or disappear over time. They remain with the government in the name of the beneficiary until such time as the right person is found. Unclaimed federal funds do not have to be in our name, they could be in the name of someone whose estate you are entitled to, either in part or in whole.

What makes a search for unclaimed federal funds difficult is that there is no central database of unclaimed money in the government’s possession. Each federal agency keeps its own records of the unclaimed federal funds lying with it.

This means that you will need to know what form the unclaimed federal funds take – the type of payment or benefit that is involved, when the payment or benefit fell due, in whose name the payment was to have been made and also, if possible, the procedure by which the funds should have been paid.

To access unclaimed federal funds, you need to contact the agency in question. The names and addresses of all federal agencies can be found in the United States Government Manual

Many of these agencies have websites from where you can obtain more information on how to go about a specific search for federal unclaimed money or even have search options available in the websites themselves.

Some people think that before starting your search for unclaimed federal funds that you need to do a bunch of research or be more educated on the topic of unclaimed money. The truth is you do not need to prep at all before you locate your missing money.

After you find the money owed to you can go through each account and see which accounts you recognize from the past. You can do this by looking at account numbers, places where the money is from and addresses associated with the lost money accounts that may be your previous residents.

Keep in mind that if your search for unclaimed federal funds should be successful, you will need to prove your ownership or entitlement to these funds before they can be given to you. The agencies or their websites will be able to guide you in how to make a claim for unclaimed federal funds which you have located and which you are entitled to.

This can be done through simple things like a copy of a drivers license, birth certificate, etc.

The search is really simple and can be done using only your name. Don’t stall, if you know your name you can find your missing money right away.

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